Psychology PhD project opportunities

Find out more about our innovative, self-funded PhD projects in areas of psychology.

We already have supervisors active and engaged in the research topic in our School of Psychology and Sport Science.

Assessment of premorbid cognitive ability

Compulsion and the self in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Construction and attentional control of complex thought and behaviour

Cross-cultural investigations of body image

Empowering consumers in threatening market contexts

Extending social perception theories to advertising context

How young children remember and learn from collaborative activities

Improving the effectiveness of social advertising

Investigating how tactile cues can influence people’s perception of healthy food

Multilingualism, metacognition and cognitive control

Tolerating uncertainty and mental health

Understanding mealtime: are an individual’s attitudes to meal composition predictive of what they eat and is this an effective target for dietary advice?

Using interpersonal touch as a means to improve carer and patient relationship

What can pregnancy tell us about maternal behaviour? A neurohormonal investigation