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We want you to be happy in every aspect of your life at university, and that includes finding a home which is friendly, comfortable and safe. We have lots of options for new students to choose from. Joining us as a full-time undergraduate? We'll guarantee a room in Cambridge or Chelmsford for September 2020.* Book online.

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Student Accommodation Code

It’s important to us that your accommodation is safe and of a good standard. The University’s eligible properties are signed up to the Student Accommodation Code. All off-campus houses are subject to House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) licensing laws and several of our houses are accredited by the local council. Externally-managed accommodation is covered by Unipol/ANUK National Code.

*Accommodation guarantee
Our accommodation guarantee applies to all new undergraduate students who are starting a full-time course at ARU in Cambridge or Chelmsford in September 2020, and take up an accommodation contract from 9 September.

Apply for a course, accept your offer and reserve your accommodation online by 5pm on Friday 14 August 2020.