Computing and Information Science PhD project opportunities

Find out more about self-funded PhD project opportunities in our School of Computing and Information Science.

A decentralized, data driven health monitoring and diagnostics platform based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and wearable/portable Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) sensors

Adaptive security threat detection for small footprint computing devices within industrial control systems, intelligent homes, medical devices & smart infrastructure

AI for sustainability in food supply chain and pricing

AI to the rescue of climate change, modelling air quality for cleaner urban planning

Automating Creation Randomised Digital Evidence Crime scene Device Images for Digital Forensics and Incident Response Education

Deep-learning for semantic-based information extraction from natural language

Ontological modelling for data analysis

Remote sensing and advanced spectral analysis for coaching and rehabilitation

Security threat intelligence

Smart sensors and spectral techniques in human movement science

Sonification and smart sensors for healthy ageing