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Global Sustainability Institute

We're committed to playing a key role in developing practical solutions to the sustainability challenges we all face, both locally and globally. We do this through research and education - bringing together the information needed to make decisions, with the people capable of taking action.

What we're working on

  • Consumption & change

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    Consumption & change

    We focus on sustainable consumption, and how people experience the world and come to act in different ways.

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  • Global Risk & Resilience

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    Global Risk & Resilience

    We explore limits to growth, and the potential impact of resource constraints on the global economy.

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  • Education for Sustainability

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    Education for Sustainability

    We work across the University to develop our students' practical skills, knowledge and values

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  • Ecosystems & human wellbeing

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    Ecosystems & human wellbeing

    We explore the interactions between people and the natural environment

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  • Highlights of our research

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    Highlights of our research

    View the latest research news, publications and films from the Global Sustainability Institute.

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