Important dates and deadlines

Check our application and payment deadlines for January 2023 intake.

Some courses may have different dates for Induction. Please refer to your registration email and timetable.

January 2023

We are open for applications and have started issuing CAS to support student visa applications. Apply to start a course in January 2023.

Application deadlines

Please be aware that student visa applications are currently taking at least three weeks to process, but this could be significantly longer for some countries. We strongly recommend you make your application, pay your deposit and apply for your student visa as early as possible.

We may have to stop CAS issuing before these dates due to longer visa processing times. You are strongly advised to make sure that you have completed all CAS issuing requirements as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


  • Application deadline: 30 September 2022
  • Deposit deadline: 14 October
  • CAS deadline: 11 November

South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa (except India)

  • Application deadline: 14 October
  • Deposit deadline: 28 October
  • CAS deadline: 25 November

Rest of the world

  • Application deadline: 25 November
  • Deposit deadline: 2 December
  • CAS deadline: 16 December


Other important dates

  • Welcome Week: 9-13 January 2023
  • First week of teaching begins: 16 January