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  • Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research

    Flute resting on music stand with script behind it

    Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research

    We're advancing the understanding of music therapy and its ability to effect positive change on health and human wellbeing, with research projects focused on dementia and stroke, mental health, and autism spectrum disorder.

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  • Global Sustainability Institute

    Greenhouse seedlings

    Global Sustainability Institute

    We're developing practical solutions to the sustainability challenges we all face. We do this by bringing together the information needed to make decisions, with the people capable of taking action.

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  • Policing Institute for the Eastern Region

    A police car's light bar in a city at night

    Policing Institute for the Eastern Region

    Our aim is to improve policing practice through research and knowledge exchange. We draw on academic expertise in areas such as leadership, health and social care, technology, crime and public protection.

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  • StoryLab Research Institute

    Neon sign

    StoryLab Research Institute

    We experiment with approaches to storytelling that communicate, educate and empower change across a range of disciplines.

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  • Veterans and Families Institute

    Medal and poppy

    Veterans and Families Institute

    What's the effect of military life on service personnel and their families? We explore the issues that matter to veterans and their loved ones, and support research and policy development in this important area.

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  • Vision and Eye Research Institute

    Close-up of an eye, seen from the side

    Vision and Eye Research Institute

    Recognised for its world-leading research, our interdisciplinary research team is committed to the delivery of high-quality research in vision and eye diseases.

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