ARU Centre for Mind and Behaviour

A hand holding a simulation of the brain with the sunset as a backdrop

The Centre for Mind and Behaviour at ARU (ARU-CMB) is concerned with advancing our understanding of cognition in the healthy human brain and the nature of impairment in clinical populations.

We also conduct applied research in order to improve diagnosis and clinical management of people with developmental and acquired psychological and neurological disorders.

Primary areas of interest include intelligence, memory, cognitive development and ageing, bodily self-consciousness and psychometric assessment. Our research incorporates multiple methods, including classic experimental cognitive approaches, EEG and fMRI, cortical stimulation and functional near infra-red spectroscopy.

Research activities are centred on the following groups, all of which draw in additional staff from across the centre and the school:

We offer a Psychology PhD. We have also identified a range of innovative research project opportunities for postgraduate researchers.

Contact the Centre Director, Prof Peter Bright at, for enquiries and further information, or Co-Director, Dr Sharon Morein-Zamir at


A recently published study that Prof Peter Bright has developed and written with colleagues at UCL Institute of Education (IOE) investigates how neural structures differ between monolinguals and multilinguals.

Prof Peter Bright will be speaking at a workshop in London on 12 June 2020 entitled 'Multilinguistic Diversity: Impact for Education, Health and Society'. This workshop is for academics, researchers and educators to discuss the benefits and challenges of the multilinguistic diversity in our societies. It's a free event sponsored by the Centre for Educational Neuroscience and Frontiers in Psychology. For more information or to book a place visit eventbrite. Currently postponed.