Students at the Heart of Knowledge Exchange (SHoKE)

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Students at the Heart of Knowledge Exchange (SHoKE) connects student volunteers and employers from local organisations to work together to develop innovative solutions to community problems and generate real societal change.

This process is mutually beneficial to students and employers. The programme gives students the opportunity to work entrepreneurially to solve real-life social issues within their community, grow professionally as individuals, and gain an insight into external organisations' work. It allows councils and businesses to utilise our students' diverse expertise, experience and insights.

Currently, Cambridgeshire and Essex County Councils are our primary partners, with other organisations joining early in 2022.

For more information on how to get involved, please email

If you are a student, you can also find out more through the Career Centre.

We will be delivering the SHoKE initiative through four types of projects:

  • Impact 24: 24-hour ‘challenge events’ which involve multidisciplinary student teams at all levels coming together to identify potential solutions to societal challenges.
  • Student Consult: One-month management consultancy projects delivered by teams of postgraduates and researchers, supported by the Nous Group and ARU staff, to work on ‘real world’ problems experienced by partner organisations.
  • Open Innovation Workshops: Transforming a big problem into a collaborative research project - bringing together our academics, students, and external partners to co-create innovative multi-disciplinary research opportunities.
  • Knowledge Exchange Community: Bringing a diverse community of students together to contribute to a shared understanding of the benefits of knowledge exchange.

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