Sport and exercise sciences PhD project opportunities

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Evaluating the effects of commercial exercise programmes and combined dietary strategies on cardio-metabolic risk

Exploring the application of nutritional mindfulness to exercise performance

Finding 30 minutes in the marathon: a systematic approach to training design for the non-elite competitive marathon runner

From Henley to the Thames: institutional entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility and the Oxford-Cambridge University women’s boat race

Gastrointestinal modulation using omega-3 and probiotic strategies and its effect on cardio-metabolic health in obese and non-obese populations

Good governance? National governing bodies of sport and the UK sport governance code

Impact of Ischaemic Pre-Conditioning on Oxygen Uptake Kinetics: Implications for training and recovery

The use of green tea strategies combined with exercise training to promote enhanced fat oxidation and cardio-metabolic health: part 1