Biology PhD project opportunities

Find out more about self-funded PhD projects in areas where we already have supervisors active and engaged in the research topic in our School of Life Sciences.

Biodiversity footprint of quarry restoration

Consequences of a rapidly changing arctic for wildlife species

Consequences of biases in representation of drivers of change in evidence synthesis for environmental decision-making and stewardship

Green cities: how our decisions affect landscape biodiversity

Identifying policy barriers to the uptake of rewilding – a social-ecological approach

Investigating the impact of beekeeping on wild pollinator populations in rural Cambridgeshire

Social impacts of decision-making processes under wildlife conservation conflicts in Scotland

Social relationships and the evolution of complex cognition

Social and ecological impacts of rewilding projects

The comparative anatomy and evolution of the mammalian larynx

The evolution of primate vocal signals: from call production to signal function

Wider benefits of the National Pollinator Strategy