Biology PhD project opportunities

Find out more about self-funded PhD projects in areas where we already have supervisors active and engaged in the research topic in our School of Life Sciences.

A spatially explicit evaluation of mountain hare-related conservation conflicts in the Cairngorms

Biodiversity footprint of quarry restoration

Consequences of biases in representation of drivers of change in evidence synthesis for environmental decision-making and stewardship

Green cities: how our decisions affect landscape biodiversity

Mate choice, and mate choice copying in cuttlefish

Social impacts of decision-making processes under wildlife conservation conflicts in Scotland

Socio-economic impacts of rewilding projects

The evolution of primate vocal signals: from call production to signal function

Wider benefits of the National Pollinator Strategy

Winter activity in the buff-tailed bumblebee (Bombus terrestris): how is diapause controlled in a commercially important pollinator?