Bacteria growing on agar in a petri dish

Our concerns in the Microbiology research area cover various aspects, including antibiotic resistance, the inter-relationship between microorganisms and disease (including cancer and inflammation), and the surveillance of novel pathogens.

Dr Helen McRobie focuses her research interests around the pharmacological characterisation and pleiotropy of the MC1R gene. Her work on the genetic basis of melanism in grey, fox, red and palm squirrels was the basis of the Black Squirrel Project.

Dr Caray Walker researches the mechanisms used by these bacteria to establish infection. Particular emphasis is on how environmental factors, such as iron, regulate gene expression and the importance of these mechanisms in the infection process.

Dr Chris O’Kane conducts research into the development of novel therapeutics for antimicrobial resistance, and the application of nanotechnology in the development of theranostic devices.

Dr Clett Erridge has a primary research interest in mechanisms connecting inflammation to lipid metabolism, particularly in the context of coronary artery disease and other inflammatory conditions associated with the liver. His interest also encompass the impact that the gut microbiota can have on the immune system and in drug discovery technologies. 


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Key publications

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