Applied Ecology Research Group

woman taking notes sitting on a rock surrounded by the sea

Our Applied Ecology Research Group (AERG) undertakes world class research to understand and provide innovative solutions to a myriad of urgent and complex global issues facing natural ecosystems.

The primary focus of the AERG is to assess, understand and mitigate anthropogenic impacts such as plastic pollution, climate change, invasive species, agriculture and urbanisation, on biodiversity and ecosystem services in terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems.

Our cutting edge research uses a range of modern tools, including ecological network analysis, ecosystem modelling, citizen science, drones, remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) along with interdisciplinary techniques, for example, combining the disciplines of biology and ecology with molecular biology, biogeochemistry, microbiology and social science.

Our research is used to engage and educate the general public and to enhance decision-making for natural resource management and sustainable development. We also engage in co-production, conducting research that prioritises the needs of local and indigenous communities.

Some of our research goals align with those of the Behavioural Ecology Research Group and the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI), promoting a good intellectual environment rich with collaborative opportunity. Members of our group include academics, postgraduate researchers and professional staff.

We welcome collaboration and enquiries from potential incoming Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellows under the European Union's new Horizon 2020 programme.

We offer our Biology PhD, and have identified a range of innovative research project opportunities for postgraduate researchers.


Academic staff

Post-doctoral research assistants

PhD researchers