Computing, Informatics and Applications

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Our Computing, Informatics and Applications (CIA) research group has a wide remit that includes scientific data processing, smart technology and web/internet technologies. We are particularly interested in how computational and artificial intelligence (AI) methods can be used to improve people's lives and increase productivity.

The group has specific expertise in image and signal processing, data visualisation, mobile devices, 2D/3D modelling, distributed computing, wireless environments, the application of sound and imaging technology in assisted living, online virtual environments, the Internet of Things (IoT), and sensor technology. Much of the research the group undertakes is both applied and collaborative, and includes links with industrial partners. Our work is primarily focused in following research areas:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Applications

Dr Silvia Cirstea, Dr Arooj Fatima, Dr Mark Graham, Dr Cristina Luca,
Dr Domenico Vicinanza, Dr Jin Zhang

Our AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Applications team has a wide range of research interests that include: data analysis and machine learning techniques, up-to-date theoretical and practical developments and hardware platforms for AI, signal processing, remote sensing for the IoT and how these converge in the emergence of intelligent systems, advanced statistics, machine learning for structured data and graphs, data integration, probabilistic systems, algorithms for massive datasets and large scale optimisation.

Imaging Technologies, Vision and Acoustics

Dr Silvia Cirstea, Dr Ian van der Linde, Dr Domenico Vicinanza, Dr Jin Zhang

Our Imaging Technologies and Acoustics team focuses on AI-based navigation, image and signal processing systems, 2D/3D image modelling, neural networks, inverse problems, numerical modelling of physical processes (electromagnetics, acoustics, psychoacoustics, quantum mechanics), statistical methods, ray-tracing, architectural acoustics, data sonification, data visualisation, auditory display, sound synthesis, mobile devices and technologies for supporting visual impairment.

IoT, Digital Systems and Cloud Computing

Prof Marcian Cirstea, Dr Razvan-Ioan Dinita, Dr Mark Graham, Dr Ioannis Kypraios

Our IoT, Digital Systems and Cloud Computing team is interested in IoT, smart environments, pervasive healthcare, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), adaptive computational systems, advanced internet and mobile technologies, AI and the use of computer aided design (CAD) tools and methods applied to digital systems modelling, rapid prototyping using VHDL and FPGAs, smart sensors, and advanced spectral analysis in biomechanics and biomedical sciences.

Semantic Web and Educational Technologies

Dr Razvan-Ioan Dinita, Dr Arooj Fatima, Dr Cristina Luca, Dr George Wilson

Our Semantic Web and Educational Technologies team investigates business information systems, open linked data, intelligent internet search and knowledge modelling, online virtual environments, image processing and data visualisation.

If you would like to find out more about our research, please contact Dr Jin Zhang, Director of the Computing, Informatics and Applications Research Group.


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Activities, projects and partnerships

Members of our research group have participated in the following projects and partnerships:

  • Development of a ‘real time’ web-based software platform to replace the current, legacy costing and warehousing program, KEEP+ with Prime Accounting Software Ltd, May 2018-September 2019, £69k.
  • Development of a secure Instant Messaging social media app for healthcare professionals, KEEP+ with Lana Data Solutions, September 2017-September 2018, £54k.
  • Urban Living: Integrated Products and Services CR&D, "Hyperlocal Rainfall", 2015-2017, InnovateUK, £33.81k of £230,566.00.
  • Development of a new high performance low cost acoustic absorber for use in new and existing buildings, 2014, Echo2Eco - total 1.1 million for three universities and five companies across Europe.
  • Software development as a Service (SaaS) market, KTP with I-Dash Ltd, 2009-2012, £13.7k.

We have also undertaken other KTPs or Knowledge East of England Partners up to £130k with many local and national companies including Sovereign Installations Ltd, Glazing Vision, LMK Thermosafe, Papershrink Ltd, Calex Electronics.

Members of our research group have also organised the following:

  • NPAPW2019 – The international conference on network and technology applied to performing arts, Prague 2-4 April 2019.
  • ISIE 2017 – the 26th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, Edinburgh, June 2017. Professor Marcian Cirstea acted as General Chairman.
  • INDIN 2015 – the 13th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics in Cambridge in July 2015. Professor Marcian Cirstea acted as General Chairman.

We welcome enquiries about possible collaborations. Please contact members directly (see individual staff pages for email address and research interests) or contact
Dr George Wilson for any general queries about the research collaborations undertaken by this group.

Our research students

We offer our Computing and Information Science PhD, and have identified a range of innovative research project opportunities for postgraduate researchers. We also welcome any enquiries about postdoctoral study. Contact our Postgraduate Student Coordinator Dr Cristina Luca with any postgraduate research enquiries.

Our current postgraduate research students and their projects


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Key publications

Selected Journal Publications (since January 2014):