Your professional responsibilities as a supervisor or assessor: midwifery

In accordance with the NMC Mentor Standards for Learning and Assessment in Practice (2008), you will already have successfully completed an NMC approved mentor preparation programme and will be working towards or have attained sign-off status.

In order to keep your mentorship current, it is essential that you:

  • Have met the criteria to become a midwifery sign-off mentor
  • Participate in an annual (12 months) Mentor Update
  • Participate in a Triennial Review process to ensure NMC standards are met
  • Support and summatively assess two students within the three-year cycle
  • Have an understanding of due regard

To be assured of the quality of the future healthcare workforce it is also essential that:

  • Students are supervised by mentors who are positive role models.
  • Students are supervised and assessed by mentors who support care that embraces the underpinning principles and values of the NHS Constitution and the 6Cs.
  • Mentors encourage and inspire students to make a difference to patient care

Becoming a Midwifery Sign-off Mentor

For more information on how to become a midwifery sign-off mentor please see the following documents: