Online supervisor and assessor course

Welcome to the Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor workshops

The NMC Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (2018) require that registrants who facilitate learning and assess students must be prepared for these roles. In collaboration with our placement provider partners and the University of Essex, we have developed workshops to prepare you to become a Practice Supervisor and, if requested to do so by your employer, a Practice Assessor.

A Practice Supervisor is a registered healthcare professional who supports and supervises students, providing feedback on their progress towards, and achievement of, proficiencies and skills (NMC 2018).

A Practice Assessor is a NMC registrant who conducts assessments to confirm student achievement of proficiencies and programme outcomes for practice learning (NMC 2018).
Both will work closely together and staff will begin to transition to these new roles from September 2019

Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs)

The workshops will also be suitable for Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered ODPs who wish to support student nurses and midwives as a Practice Supervisor. The Practice Assessor workshop will prepare registered ODPs to assess student ODPs.

About the workshops

The workshops are divided into two parts, at the end of which you will be able to generate and download a certificate of completion:
  • Part One: Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor
  • Part Two: Practice Assessor only
Practice Supervisors will only complete Part One
Practice Assessors will need to complete Part One and Part Two

Before accessing the course

  • Confirm with your employer what course/s you are required to complete and seek authorisation to undertake the course.
  • Confirm with your employer, the timeframe in which they expect you to complete all the learning activity.
  • Identify if there is additional training within the organisation to accompany the workshop(s).
  • Confirm required evidence with your employer: Does your employer require evidence of a Certificate/workbook/both? Who in your organisation do you submit this evidence to?

If you have any queries or feedback about this information, please contact Claudine Wetherall at Anglia Ruskin University

To access the course

Visit the workshop homepage, using the link below, which will open in a new window, then carefully follow the on-screen instructions:

Good luck!

Information for Current Mentors wishing to complete the online mentor update

All current mentors are still required to undertake triennial review and complete an annual mentor update until September 2019 when the new NMC Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (SSSA) will be implemented.
If you are supporting, or will be supporting, a student nurse or midwife before September 2019 it is essential that you remain current with your triennial review and annual mentor update. Attending a Practice Supervisor and Assessor face to face workshop or completing the above online workshops, both constitute an annual update.

Online Mentor Update

You can access and complete the online mentor update by following this link: Online Mentor Update website

Please note that the update website will no longer be active after 28 June 2019.

If you need any help using the online update, please use the guidance notes below, or send an email to
Online Mentor Update guidance notes (Word Document download)