This portal is designed for all supervisors and assessors of nursing students at Anglia Ruskin University.

It will provide you with resources and information to help you successfully support, supervise and assess nursing students within the practice setting.

If there is any information that you think would be useful to add, please contact Mary Edmonds, Director of Practice. Email

Reporting sickness and absence

It is your responsibility as a registered professional to inform Anglia Ruskin University of a student's sickness or absence and to ensure this is recorded and signed on the student's timesheet.

The University has a duty to inform the professional body of the exact hours a student has experienced in the clinical area and it is therefore important that accurate records are kept.

Please inform the University of a student's absence by emailing or calling 01245 684816, stating: student name, student ID number, clinical site, reason for absence.

If a student needs to make up practice hours

If a student has to make up time this should be done at the end of the programme in communication with the personal tutor/course lead and Practice Assessor and Education Lead from the organisation they are placed.

If a student has more than 40 hours to make up at the end of the programme this will usually need an additional period of placement and can be on their final placement, if agreed (for apprentice students agreement needs to be sought from the employer). The decision will be documented by the Course Lead and the Practice Team informed who will confirm agreement with the Education Lead from the organisation the student is placed. These hours cannot be made up by working additional shifts during standard placements, in accordance with the EU working directives.

Information to support supervision and assessment in practice

Guidance for clinical staff supporting supervision and assessment (PDF download)
Action plans: supporting the underachieving student (PDF Download)
Action plans to support students who are progressing well (PDF Download)
Flow chart: cause for concern (PDF Download)
Cause for Concern form (Word document)
Supporting Evidence Template - Cause for Concern (Word Document)
Fine grading poster: selecting the appropriate grade when assessing the student (PDF Download)
NMC Standards for pre-registration nursing education (PDF Download)


Examples of revised Practice Assessment Documents

to reflect the NMC Standards to Support Student Supervision and Assessment
Year 1 Adult/Child/Mental Health Nursing PAD (PDF download)
Year 2 Adult Nursing PAD (PDF download)
Year 3 Adult Nursing PAD (PDF download)
Year 2 Child Nursing PAD (PDF download)
Year 3 Child Nursing PAD (PDF download)
Year 2 Mental Health Nursing PAD (PDF download)
Year 3 Mental Health Nursing PAD (PDF download)
Theory of achievement for BSc modules (PDF download)
Theory of achievement for MSc modules (PDF download)
Information guide for revised Practice Assessment Document (PDF download)


Practice Learning Log examples

Patient handover (Word document)
Medication (Word document)
Dementia (Word document)
Child (Word document)


Skills Logs

Adult Nursing skills log (PDF Download)
Child Nursing skills log (PDF Download)
Mental Health Nursing skills log (PDF Download)


Practice Assessment Documents - new from September 2020

Part One (PDF download)
Part Two (PDF download)
Part Three (PDF download)
Ongoing Achievement Record (PDF download)