Occupational Therapy

We've put together some information and resources to help you support, supervise and assess MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre-Reg) students within the practice setting.

These additional resources will help you to shape a fulfilling experience as a Practice Educator and enhance the student's experience with you.

About the programme

The programme is a two-year full time MSc (pre-registration) course to enable registration with the HCPC to practice as an occupational therapist. Watch our video about the content of the course and how it is structured.

Placement information

The course includes a number of placement blocks (rotations) that take place in different specialities. View the block plan for the course (Excel spreadsheet).

The students will have a practice assessment document (PAD) (PDF) that has been developed with guidance from the Royal College of Occupational Therapy.

The Royal College of Occupational Therapy also has some excellent resources:

Reporting sickness and absence

It is your responsibility as a registered professional to inform Anglia Ruskin University of a student's sickness or absence and to ensure this is recorded and signed on the student's timesheet.

The University has a duty to inform the professional body of the exact hours a student has experienced in the clinical area and it is therefore important that accurate records are kept.

Please inform the University of a student's absence by emailing practiceteam@aru.ac.uk or calling 01245 684816, stating: student name, student ID number, clinical site, reason for absence.

Lapses in professionalism (LiP)

Clinical practice is a fundamental aspect of the development of professionalism, with clinical assessors responsible for the assessment of competence which establishes a student's fitness for practice. This is mirrored within the academic environment with Personal Tutors playing a key role in the development of educational proficiency and professional behaviour within the university setting.

Therefore, to ensure a holistic approach to the assessment and management of student professionalism between the practice learning setting and academic institution, our intention is to include a transparent monitoring and recording system that supports the identification of low and higher-level concerns.

The LiP process is a mechanism to report and action any unprofessional behaviour during the student’s period of registration. When a lapse is reported, this will trigger actions between key stakeholders to award tariff points to develop a facilitative action plan together with the student before they lead to more significant fitness to practice issues.

Find out more and report a lapse in professionalism

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