Public health

A woman using the Vision and Eye Research Institute's sensory movement equipment

In collaboration with colleagues within ARU and internationally, we are conducting research into social and health determinants that are associated with vision loss.

Dual sensory loss: frailty

Building on our recent research examining the effects of dual sensory (vision, hearing) losses, we are looking at the additive or synergistic effects of multiple impairments on health outcomes. It is known multiple deficits have greater negative effects than single impairment.

The impact of sensory loss on mental health

Vision (and hearing losses) individually have a substantial impact on mental health. Our recent research shown that combined sensory loss has a much bigger impact on depression and chronic anxiety. While it is not possible to alter irreversible causes of visual and hearing losses, it may be possible to address the mental health of people who have sensory impairment.

Physical and other activities

Our research looks at associations between physical activity and ocular health.


Professor Shahina Pardhan
Professor Rupert Bourne
Dr Lee Smith
Dr Guillermo F. López-Sánchez
Mike Trott

Recent publications

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