Our partners at the Vision and Eye Research Unit

By working closely with the optical and pharmaceutical industries, VERU is in a unique position to understand the needs of patients, service providers and private sector companies.



Researchers from the Vision and Eye Research Unit (VERU) have teamed up with healthcare software solutions provider Medisoft in a knowledge transfer partnership to help test new patient records software.

Rather than simply recording data captured during medical consultations, the new software will assist the clinician in decision-making and measuring patient reported outcomes (PROMs). 
VERU KTP Associate John Somner, who is heading up the tests, commented:

"Electronic health records have typically promised a great deal but have failed to live up to expectations. Hopefully this project will allow a user centred design approach to develop an improved set of tools for glaucoma and uveitis patients."

It is anticipated that the new software will have a significant impact nationally and internationally where most clinicians lack an effective patient record system for these conditions.
For more details please visit the Medisoft Limited website.


Contact lens evaluation

For more details please visit the UltraVision website.


VERU works with ophthalmologists at various hospitals for:

  • Multicentre trials on glaucoma progression and management
  • Quality and safety of new models of community care of glaucoma patients
  • Wide field corneal specular microscopy as an adjunct to new modalities of transplant surgery

Visiting staff

  • Rajesh Aggarwal - Visiting Senior lecturer (Southend University Hospital)
  • Aditi Das - Visiting Research Fellow (Yorkshire Deanery)
  • Alexander Silvester - Visiting Research Fellow (Countess of Chester NHS)
  • Peter Thomas - Clinical Research Fellow (West Suffolk Hospital)
  • Jonathan Keenan - Clinical Research Fellow (Addenbrooke's Hospital)
  • Marianne Shiew - Clinical Research Fellow (Peterborough NHS Trust)
  • Tasanee Braithwaite - Clinical Research Fellow (Hinchingbrooke Hospital)