Gait and activities of daily living

Person walking in test environment

The low vision group of the Vision and Eye Research Institute (VERI) investigates the differences in everyday task performance between individuals with low vision compared to those with normal vision.

Visual information is of utmost importance when performing everyday tasks such as walking in complex environments and manual prehension of objects. When vision is impaired, the planning and executing of such tasks get worse. For example, individuals with low vision have more difficulty avoiding hazards in the environment and grasping an object to move it to a new location.

Our facilities allow us to capture movements with an infrared camera system, to measure gaze behaviour using an eye tracker, and to examine balance using a force plate.

Combining these three measures provides insight in the problems that people with low vision encounter in daily life. These problems can then be addressed through targeted interventions to enhance the performance of everyday tasks.

Principal Investigator: Professor Shahina Pardhan
Dr Mat Timmis
Dr Tjerk Zult