Simulation of vision correction alternatives before eye surgery (Bevision)

All of us will get eyesight problems as we become older, and most of us will eventually need to be treated by laser surgeries or intraocular implants.

However, 200,000 patients in Europe are not satisfied with the result of these eye-correcting surgeries. Supported by a Horizon 2020 grant, this project has been developed through a partnership with Voptica SL (Spain) and it is tightly linked to ocular refraction and cataract surgery.

Voptica SL has developed an innovation in eye testing that allows the patient to experience these optical solutions before surgery, helping the patient and doctor to select their best solution and to understand what their vision will be like post-surgery. Our team will validate Voptica’s Visual Adaptive Optics (VAO) simulator in patients requiring cataract surgery.

Professor Shahina Pardhan
Dr Juan Tabernero
Dr Carles Otero