Robe hire

As this is a formal academic event, you will need to arrange robe hire for your graduation ceremony. Your entire robe package hire is booked from 22 July via Ede & Ravenscroft. Robe package hire consists of gown, hood and mortar board.

To ensure a robe is available for you on the day, book at least 21 days before your graduation ceremony.

We recommend smart, traditional or national dress under your robes. The gowns are quite heavy and will need to be secured to your normal clothes in order to stay in place, so it’s best if you wear a shirt or blouse so that the hood can fastened on a button. You may find it helpful to bring some hair clips with you to keep your mortar board secure.

How do I order my robe package?

You can order your robe package from 22 July.

Ordering online

You'll be able to take advantage of an online discount from Ede & Ravenscroft. In order to be eligible for the online discount you need to book your robe package online before the deadline date (which is 21 days prior to your ceremony).

Ordering by phone

Orders can also be made over the phone by calling 01223 861854. Opening hours are 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. Please note that you won't receive the online discount if you order by phone.

All robe package orders made by phone are followed up by a confirmation card sent through the post. Please bring your confirmation card with you on the day.

Facilities for the deaf and hard-of-hearing or those with speech impairment are available using a text phone. Dial 1800 101223 861854 to access the RNID Typetalk system.

How much will my robe package cost?

Gown, hood and hat Online order Phone order
Graduate Diploma, Diploma HE £45 £50
Foundation degrees, BA, BSc, BEng, BOptom, LLB, BOst £45 £50
Postgraduate certificates and diplomas £45 £50
MA, MSc, LLM, MBA, M Phil, MOst, MFA £51 £56
PhD, EDD, PRD £58 £63

Example Anglia Ruskin graduation robes

Where will I collect my robe package?

For robe hire collection points, check our 'On the day' web page which we'll publish soon.

Ede & Ravenscroft - key facts

  • Worked with ARU since 1992 on our graduation ceremonies.
  • 325 years as robe makers and tailors.
  • Proud holders of all three Royal Warrants: robe makers and tailors to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and robe makers for both His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.
  • Suppliers of academic dress (robe packages) to over 180 higher education institutions in the UK, and many other institutions around the world.