Graduation FAQs

What are my graduation options?

We know that the pandemic has affected everyone differently. We want to offer graduates the opportunity to attend a ceremony that they feel most comfortable attending.

We are therefore offering all students the choice to defer to a 2022 ceremony. However, at this time, we are not able to confirm the dates of the 2022 graduation ceremonies.

I attended a virtual graduation ceremony in July, can I also attend a physical ceremony?

The class of 2020 were given the choice of attending either a virtual ceremony in July 2021 or deferring your ceremony until a physical ceremony could be organised.

If you attended a virtual graduation ceremony in July, you won’t be invited to attend the physical ceremonies, but regardless of your choice, we’re looking forward to inviting you all back for a reunion on our campus so we can celebrate your successes together in person at a later date.

How do I know if I am eligible for a graduation ceremony?

To be eligible for the ceremonies, your award would need to have been confirmed between 1 November 2019 and 31 July 2021. Students awarded after 31 July 2021 will be invited to ceremonies in 2022.

Students who attended the virtual graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020 in July 2021 will not be eligible for the ceremonies (but will be invited to later reunion events).

What will happen if government guidelines change and the event has to be cancelled?

If the graduation ceremonies cannot take place due to circumstances beyond the University’s control, including Covid-19, and increased government restrictions on events and public health advice, ceremonies will be rescheduled to take place at a later date.

The University will not be held responsible for any losses, direct or otherwise, incurred by graduates or their guests by these cancellations, rescheduling or postponement. Graduands and their guests should ensure that they have sufficient insurance protection to cover any losses they might incur as a result of ceremonies being cancelled or delayed. Full information can be found in our graduation terms and conditions.

How are you ensuring the safety of graduates and guests during the ceremonies?

To help protect you, your guests and our staff the following measures have been put in place for the in-person ceremonies:

  • We encourage all students and guests to wear face coverings (unless you are exempt) whilst inside buildings, with the exception of crossing the stage and during your photography session.
  • All attendees should take a lateral flow test less than 24 hours before travelling to the ceremonies. You must not travel to the event if you test positive, if you have any COVID symptoms or if you are self-isolating.
  • We will not be selling any additional tickets on the day. Family and friends without a guest ticket will be able to watch the ceremony via a live stream from home.
  • These measures will be reviewed regularly and will be updated in accordance with government advice. Any changes to the requirements of our students and guests will be communicated to you via email and be updated on these pages.

How and when will I receive my certificate?

The printing and posting of hard-copy certificates and transcripts from February and March 2021 and all 2020 Awards Boards has now been completed.

Documents have been posted by registered delivery, to your home address as listed on e:Vision. If you have not received yours, please contact

Documents for ARU London and Arden students have been sent to your institution for distribution.

Certificates and transcripts from the July 2021 Awards Board will be sent out in due course. Please ensure your home address on e:Vision is correct and up to date.

I can’t access e:Vision. What should I do?

Students will have their e:Vision access restored in time for bookings to open on Monday 23 August.

If you haven't used e:Vision lately or have forgotten your password, please see the following information.

For any other issues contact the IT Helpdesk. Tel: 01245 684357 oremail

Is my degree still valid if I do not attend a ceremony?

Attendance at a graduation ceremony isn’t compulsory, but is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your achievements with your family and friends. Non-attendance to the ceremonies does not affect the validity of your award as your award is conferred at an Awards Board rather than at a graduation ceremony.

Is my award affected by my choice of ceremony? Does it affect me joining the alumni network?

Your award is not affected by your choice of ceremony and attendance at our graduation ceremonies isn’t compulsory, but is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your achievement with your family and friends.

Your choice of ceremony does not affect your enrolment to our alumni network as this is an automatic subscription.