Members of ARU's Class of 2020 have the choice to attend a virtual graduation ceremony in July 2021 or an in-person graduation ceremony at a later date.

General FAQs

+ What are my graduation options?

+ Can I attend both the virtual graduation ceremony and the in-person ceremony?

+ Is my award affected by my choice of ceremony? Does it affect me joining the alumni network?

+ How do I know if I am eligible for a graduation ceremony?

+ I completed my studies last year, do I still have access to e:Vision?

+ How and when will I receive my certificate?

+ Is my degree still valid if I do not attend either ceremony?

+ Will Chelmsford graduation ceremonies originally planned for October be physical? If not, why as the British Science Festival is taking place in September?

+ Why can’t the graduation ceremonies be held in the same way as the British Science Festival?

Virtual ceremonies

+ When are the virtual graduation ceremonies?

+ What can I expect from my virtual graduation ceremony?

+ Is there a cost to attend the virtual ceremony?

+ Will I need to hire a gown for my virtual graduation ceremony?

+ Will I be able to have professional photography at my virtual ceremony?

+ Can my family and friends join in with my virtual graduation ceremony?

+ Will there be any memorabilia available from my virtual ceremony?

+ How will I get more information about the virtual ceremony?

+ What software will I need for the virtual ceremonies?

In-person ceremony deferral

+ If I defer to an in-person ceremony, when will these take place?

+ What can I expect from my in-person ceremony?