Information for international students and guests

Visa information

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard, you’ve been awarded your degree and now you’re about to graduate. We hope you can join us in celebrating this special day and if you’re a student who needs a visa, here’s how you can obtain one. 

If you’re already here on a student visa which covers the graduation date, problem solved. If your visa isn’t long enough, don’t worry. You can return home before your student visa expires and apply for a Standard Visitor visa to attend your ceremony. If your family and friends abroad would like to come along they can also apply for a Standard Visitor visa. If you have a different type of visa that allows you to remain in the UK at the time of the graduation ceremony, you can attend the ceremony. 

Standard visitor visas

We’ve put together this useful information to help you and your guests apply for their visas. The links below will provide you with all the information you need to submit a valid application first time around (which will save you time and money). 

The main visitor visa is the Standard Visitor visa which allows people to come to the UK for a holiday or to visit people in the UK. You can check if you or your guest require a visa.

You can apply for the Standard Visitor visa online and get further help.


You will need to include these documents with your application (they must be originals):  

  1. Passport 

  2. Bank statements and salary slips for the last three months and confirmation of hotel bookings (if applicable)

    If you are supporting your visitor financially and providing their accommodation, you must send them your last three original bank statements and a letter from your landlord/accommodation provider to confirm that they are happy for you to accommodate your visitors for this period.  

  3. A support letter confirming that you are eligible to attend the graduation ceremony and your Confirmation of Attendance printed out from eVision

    The invitation letter has been sent to your home address as listed on August). If you require a version of this letter be sent to you electronically you can request this by emailing 

    You should also print out your Confirmation of Attendance from eVision once you have confirmed your attendance at the ceremony, to be included in your visa application. 

  4. An invitation letter written by you and sent to your guest

    Your guest will have to include the letter with their application. We can’t issue an invitation letter because the UKVI wants you to provide the letter. 

    Your letter of invitation needs to explain: 

    • who you are and your reason for being in the UK
    • who you are inviting to visit you and their relation to you
    • how long you intend them to visit you and the reason for the visit
    • confirmation from your visitor if they intend to accommodate and finance themselves
    • confirmation from you if you intend to provide finance for your visitor
    • that you hope the visitor visa will be granted.

    Please make sure your guests understand that they must comply with the UK’s immigration rules and leave the UK before their visas expires. 

    To make it easier for you to prepare this letter, we have created a sample letter of invitation which you can use to write your letter.

  5. Any other required documents 

    GOV.UK provides a guide to supporting documents

The Official Publication of Results lists the dates when results will be sent to students. 

You can buy up to two guest tickets when confirming your attendance (between 23 August – 16 September). If you require a refund on any (or all) of your guest tickets, please submit a request before 16 September 2021. 

We hope you enjoy your graduation day! 

International Travel Guidance 

It’s important that you check what the current government advice for travelling to the UK is before you make your travel arrangements.  

For information on what tests you need and the quarantine rules for travel to England please see the GOV.UK guidance on travel to England during COVID-19 

Whilst we are working hard to ensure in person graduation ceremonies take place, there may be some factors beyond our control that lead to ceremonies being cancelled or delayed. 

We strongly encourage all students and their guests to ensure that they have sufficient insurance protection to cover any losses they might suffer as a result of ceremonies being cancelled or delayed.  

The University cannot be held liable for the cost incurred of any travel arrangements made by graduates or guests. 

Full terms and conditions about our cancellation policy can be found at Graduation terms and conditions