Parents' and carers' section

When someone you care about makes the life-changing decision of coming to university, it's only natural that you should want to support them any way you can.

Below, we've answered some questions that parents and carers often ask about accommodation. There are also some quick links to information you might find useful.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Residential Service.

What are the arrangements if there is another lockdown?
Do you guarantee accommodation? Is demand high?
What accommodation is available?
What's the application process?
When will we know if an application has been successful?
Why would an application be unsuccessful?
If I am concerned about a student's welfare, can I discuss their situation with you?
What are the rooms and shared areas like?
How long can students live in ARU accommodation?
How much does accommodation cost?
Is a cleaning service provided?
Where can students get support while living in accommodation?
Is the accommodation catered?
What information is available to help students find a suitable place to live in the private sector?