Q & A with American student Morgan Little

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Psychology and Sport Science
Course: MSc Sport and Exercise Science
Category: Sport

1 April 2020

Morgan Little

Sport and Exercise Science MSc student Morgan Little answers our questions about her experiences as an American student at ARU.

Why did you choose to study at ARU?

ARU offered me an opportunity to continue playing volleyball in another country, via the ARU Sports Scholarship. With this, I was able to begin a masters study in Sport and Exercise Science.

Tell us about your course. How would you sum up your experience of studying your course?

I have enjoyed the organisation of the course, the weekly schedule, meetings with my tutor, the lecturers. I ended up researching a very specific topic in the area of eye tracking and sports which was very interesting to me. I have learned a lot about research and altogether studying a postgraduate degree in the UK.

What facilities have you made most use of throughout your studies?

I was provided with a gym membership for the year, as well as a sports physio who has helped with injury. I have been able to receive sports massages to help recovery at certain times. Team ARU staff have been delightful with their support and accommodating to my needs - athletically and academically.

Also, the International Office have helped with any questions I’ve had regarding my student status with my visa etc.

What is your favourite thing about the university?

My favourite thing about the university is the environment it brings for the students who want to participate in sports. There are clubs and teams to be a part of for fun and for competition. It is a great way to meet people and enjoy your time throughout the week.

What has been the most challenging aspect of studying or living in the UK, and how did you cope with it?

The most challenging thing about being in the UK, for me personally, has been having to cycle or walk everywhere because I am used to driving a lot and I don't have a car in the UK. The rhythm of the day becomes different. One thing I did learn quickly was how to efficiently carry many things!

Tell us about Cambridge. Do you like living here, and why?

I love being in Cambridge. There are many things to do and be a part of, and the city has many perks. I like that it is quite small, but feels like there is much variety.

What is your favourite aspect of your non-academic life?

My favourite part of my non-academic life is participating in sport. There have been opportunities to complete at national levels as well as mixed men's and women's leagues, which has been great!

What are your ambitions/plans for the future?

I do not have current plans for the future. I am possibly looking to do a sports massage course to be a sports massage therapist. I will also be looking for coaching opportunities and possibly playing professional volleyball somewhere in Europe.


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