VERI media coverage

Global mission sets its sights on universal eyecare, Eye Health
October 2019
Prof Shahina Pardhan is quoted in this article about efforts to combat avoidable blindness, and reduce visual impairment, around the world. Read the article.

How many megapixels is my eye? and other questions, Naked Scientists
December 2016
Roger J Buckley, Professor Emeritus of Ocular Medicine and Vision and Eye Research Unit Associate Director, joins the Naked Scientists panel to answer listener questions and discuss issues such as whether glasses or contacts are better for your eyes. Visit the Naked Scientists website to listen to the podcast 'What's the healthiest way to eat an entire cake?'

The Global Vision Database, eyenews
December/January 2016
The overall goal of the Global Vision Database (GVD) is to develop and deploy new and improved evidence on the prevalence of blindness and vision impairment (VI) globally. Read more.

Changes in health in England, with analysis by English regions and areas of deprivation, 1990–2013, The Lancet
14 September 2015
Health in England is improving although substantial opportunities exist for further reductions in the burden of preventable disease. Read more.

Global, regional, and national disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) for 306 diseases and injuries and healthy life expectancy (HALE) for 188 countries, 1990–2013, The Lancet
26 August 2015
The notion of an epidemiological transition—in which increasing sociodemographic status brings structured change in disease burden—is useful, but there is tremendous variation in burden of disease that is not associated with sociodemographic status. Read more.

Anglia Ruskin University's glaucoma research wins award, Cambridge News
29 December 2014
Researchers at Anglia Ruskin University have their eyes on the prize after their study into the vulnerability of glaucoma patients won a national award.

UK deaths from Alzheimer’s up by 52%, Cambridge Network
18 December 2014
Anglia Ruskin University Professor has been involved in a global study into mortality rates. Read more.

Study by Cambridge professor shows rise in Alzheimer’s deaths, Cambridge News
18 December 2014
Deaths linked to Alzheimer's disease in the UK have increased by more than 50 per cent since 1990, according to new research from a Cambridge professor.

How safe are contact lenses?, The Guardian
23 November 2014
The biggest problem with contact lenses is not the devices themselves, but the people who wear them. Read more.

Global eyesight study wins research prize, Cambridge Network
19 November 2014
A study led by researchers at Anglia Ruskin University has been named Outstanding Scientific Paper by the American Public Health Authority’s Vision Care section. Read more.

Worldwide vision trends mapped out by Anglia Ruskin University researchers, Cambridge News
21 October 2014
Online maps which allow people to search causes of sight loss all over the world for the first time have been published by a research group at Anglia Ruskin University.

Online resource maps worldwide vision trends, Cambridge Network
14 October 2014
Research group creates interactive tool to visualise world’s largest database of eye surveys. Read more.

Fourth case of Chikungunya? Health Minister not sure, Newsday
17 July 2014
Health Minister, Dr Fuad Khan, yesterday was unable to confirm whether the nation had recorded its fourth case of the Chikungunya virus. Read more.

Global blindness plummets in 20 years, Cambridge Network
25 March 2014
Anglia Ruskin University research provides first large-scale analysis of blindness and vision loss across the world. Read more.

Blindness rates plummet in developed countries, USA Today
25 March 2014
Blindness and significant visual impairment have become much less common in 50 countries, a new study shows. Read more.

Blindness Rates Dropping Worldwide, Study Finds,
24 March, 2014
Global rates of blindness and poor vision have fallen sharply over the past two decades, especially in rich nations, a new study reveals. Read more.

Prevalence and causes of vision loss in sub-Saharan Africa: 1990–2010, British Journal of Ophthalmology
25 February 2014
To estimate the magnitude, temporal trends and subregional variation in the prevalence of blindness, and moderate/severe vision impairment (MSVI) in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more.

Prevalence and causes of vision loss in high-income countries and in Eastern and Central Europe: 1990–2010, British Journal of Ophthalmology
19 February 2014
To assess prevalence and causes of blindness and vision impairment in high-income regions and in Central/Eastern Europe in 1990 and 2010. Read more.

Anglia Ruskin expert leads global vision study, Haverhill Echo
15 December 2013
The largest ever analysis of worldwide vision impairment and blindness data has been published in The Lancet Global Health journal.

AMD treatment delays result in vision loss, Otician Online
28 November 2013
Widespread delays in follow-up times for patients with wet age-related macular degeneration are resulting in unnecessary and irreversible vision loss, an investigation has shown. Read more.