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Let ARU Peterborough help you grow and retain specialist talent in your organisation.

ARU Peterborough brings ARU’s expertise as one of the UK’s leading providers of Degree Apprenticeships, together with our mission to deliver a portfolio of apprenticeship programmes designed to meet the region’s future talent and skills needs.

Our programmes are rooted in the conversations we’ve had with you, the region’s employers. We hear and understand the skills shortages impacting on organisational performance today. Apprenticeships are an effective way to create job growth, capability, continuous learning and to upskill - even more so in a post Covid world. All funded by the Government Apprenticeship Levy, they’re a smart investment - that’s why, to date, over 400 employers have partnered with ARU.

We’re passionate about investing and transforming the future of Peterborough and we want to hear from you if you are too.

Join the Peterborough 50 pledge

Our Peterborough 50 pledge campaign is calling for 50 key employers in the Peterborough region to work with us to make Peterborough a higher skills powerhouse through degree apprenticeships. We invite you to join us and pledge to recruit people for our apprenticeships that start in 2023.

As a Peterborough 50 employer your organisation will become a strategic partner of ARU Peterborough and enjoy a range of benefits.

Discover the Peterborough 50 pledge and become a strategic partner

New degree and higher apprenticeships

For maximum impact and minimum disruption, our apprenticeship programmes will be delivered via a blend of online, work-based and face-to-face learning from our brand-new ARU Peterborough campus.

We’ll be adding to our portfolio throughout 2023 and beyond, and continue our consultations with regional employers to ensure our apprenticeships precisely match the talent needs of the region.

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Digital Marketer Degree Apprenticeship

BSc (Hons) Digital and Social Media Marketing

A cost-effective way to develop highly skilled digital and social media marketing talent in your organisation.

Develop new talent or existing staff to respond to ever-changing digital challenges and innovations, seize opportunities, enhance your customer experience, and help grow your business.

Explore Digital Marketer BSc (Hons)
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Environmental Practitioner Degree Apprenticeship

BSc (Hons) Environmental Management

A cost-effective way to grow and retain sustainability and environmental management talent for your organisation. Develop existing staff into competent professionals, or attract promising new recruits, equipped to solve environmental challenges, and make a real impact in your workplace.

Explore Environmental Practitioner BSc (Hons)
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Manufacturing Engineer Degree Apprenticeship

BEng (Hons) Manufacturing Engineering

Develop modern engineers with the advanced intellectual and professional skills to excel within manufacturing engineering environments. This apprenticeship programme provides a rigorous conceptual grounding together with a strong hands-on practical approach.

Explore Manufacturing Engineer BEng (Hons)
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Digital and Technology Solutions Professional Degree Apprenticeship

BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions

This TechSkills accredited apprenticeship will develop talent for the roles of Software Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst or Network Engineer. Ideal for new recruits or developing existing staff who want to advance their capabilities in using technology enabled solutions to have maximum impact for your business.

Explore Digital and Technology Solutions Professional BSc (Hons)
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Social Worker Degree Apprenticeship

BA (Hons) Social Worker

Develop and retain new and existing talent with our Social Worker Integrated Degree Apprenticeship. Approved by Social Work England, the programme is ideal for social care support staff who have the potential to take on greater challenges and responsibility as qualified social workers.

Explore Social Worker BA (Hons)
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Nursing Associate Higher Apprenticeship

FdSc Nursing Associate

Ideal for current Band 2/3 healthcare assistants/support workers needing to develop their nursing skills to meet a range of healthcare needs. Successful completion will provide access to the Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship.

Explore Nursing Associate FdSc
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Construction Management Pathway

Cert HE Construction Site Supervisor / BSc Construction Management

The recruitment of qualified Site Supervisors and Managers continues to be a major challenge for employers. This apprenticeship pathway allows employers to develop their internal talent pool, or attract new recruits, and establish a pipeline of qualified leaders brought up in line with the organisation’s culture and practices.

Explore Construction Management Pathway
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Construction Quantity Surveyor Pathway

Cert HE Quantity Surveying / BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying

A cost-effective way to bring in-demand skills, expertise and professional practice to your organisation.

Develop early career talent into fully qualified Construction Quantity Surveying Technicians and Construction Quantity Surveyors.

Construction Quantity Surveyor Pathway

Also coming soon: Supply Chain Leadership.

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