Sustainable campuses

Bicycles parked on university campus

Our Environment Team works hard to develop sustainable, attractive, vibrant and efficient campuses and facilities.

We know that our students are interested in environmental issues, and so sustainability has been embedded into the curriculum at ARU since 2014. But as well as engaging students through teaching and research, we want to focus on the campus environment, too.

When we talk about our campuses, we're considering everything from University accommodation and food outlets, to student societies and the way people travel to ARU.

As part of the wider Estates & Facilities Department, our Environment Team works to embed sustainability in all these areas of University life.


We're committed to embedding environmental sustainability within all that we do, including the food that we provide.

We are participating in Friends of the Earth's Kale Yeah! Kitchens sustainable catering scheme. We recognise the impact on both the climate emergency and nature crisis of over-consumption of meat, fish and dairy products, particularly those from intensive systems. We will play our part in addressing this by rebalancing our menus and serving more healthy, plant-based options. We will source animal products from farms with higher welfare and stronger environmental standards as much as possible.

ARU adopts the Better Chicken Commitment for 100% of the chicken (fresh/frozen/processed) in our entire UK supply chain and will meet all the standards in it by 2026 at the latest.