Our approach to sustainability

Here at ARU, we believe in making informed decisions, and taking responsibility for the impact of our actions on current and future generations. And so we've pledged to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of University life.

Shadows of the letters ARU on a wall, with pink flowers in the foreground

Sustainability strategy

Our Sustainability Strategy 2020-26 sets out four goal areas: our students, our research and innovation, underpinning operations, and our community.

Through our strategy, we make sure that sustainability is woven into our formal and informal curriculum, our research work, and the very fabric of our campuses. We also encourage and support student initiatives.

With Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the four goals, the strategy builds on its predecessor and gives us a clear path towards a more sustainable University.

  • Through our Education for Sustainability programme, we encourage our students to be the change, equipping them with the skills and values they need to help create a more sustainable future.
  • We take a distinctive approach to our research – focusing not only on its academic quality, but also on its real-world impact.
  • We strive, through our operations, to continually improve the environmental performance of our campuses, and the sustainability of our business processes.
  • We continue to make positive contributions to our communities, both within the University and in the wider area, through partnership and collaboration.

All these areas are interconnected, and inform every aspect of what we do.

Our current Strategy builds on our Sustainability Strategy 2016-2020.

Latest sustainability news and initiatives

We also publish So What? magazine to highlight the latest trends and developments in sustainability. Our most recent edition marks a decade since the Global Sustainability Institute was founded here at ARU.