Cover of So What magazine

We publish So What?  magazine to highlight the latest trends and developments in sustainability at Anglia Ruskin University. We also produce Global Sustainability Institute (GSI) Briefing Notes and Working Papers which give an overview of our research.

So What?

The latest edition (Issue 10) of our magazine was on the theme of energy, asking whether it's our use of energy (demand) or the source of our energy (supply) that needs to be addressed to make a more sustainable world; it's all connected! Read all about it and explore previous issues below.

Current So What?  editors: Felicity Clarke and Victoria Tait

Issue 10: Energy (Autumn 2018)

Issue 9: Health (Autumn 2017)

Issue 8: The Future (Winter 2016)

Issue 7: Gender (Spring-Summer 2016)

Issue 6: Politics (Summer 2015)

Issue 5: Students (Summer 2014)

Issue 4: Water (Winter 2013)

Issue 3: Food (Summer 2013)

Issue 2: Art & Culture (Winter 2012)

Issue 1: The Green issue (Summer 2012)

GSI Briefing Notes

Briefing notes give you an overview of GSI research findings or an existing policy or issue. They explain our position on an issue or provide a concise summary of full-length GSI publications. Current Briefing Notes editors: Rosie Robison (maternity leave), Alison Greig.

GSI Working Papers

Working papers give you an opportunity to read about the GSI’s emerging research findings, but in a little more depth than our concise Briefing Note summaries. They can be an original piece of research based on actual project data, literature reviews, perspectives, or methodological papers. Current Working Paper editor: Chris Foulds.