What our students say: teaching and education


BA (Hons) Education Studies

Much of the course has been superb; the political/research content has been excellent. I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone with an interest in politics/policy within education, and who is looking for a career in [this area].

Anglia Ruskin University has offered me the opportunity to become involved with various research opportunities. During my second year I was involved in participatory research which informed the development of an early years research facility on campus.

During the summer break I was offered a place on a summer studentship scheme. This was an eight-week paid placement, working with a lecturer on a research project. These research opportunities have given me invaluable experience and the chance to ‘taste’ research work. I now have relevant experience to help me gain a place on the postgraduate courses that I want.

The course has given me experience (academic and practical) in research and the chance to explore many topics within the education/social justice field. It has given me the opportunity to hone my presentation skills, which will be of benefit when applying for postgraduate study and also in a future career that will, hopefully, involve lecturing within higher education.

The support offered by both academic and support staff at Anglia Ruskin University is outstanding. I have been supported both in career progression, and with overcoming the occasional problem of being a mature student and juggling family and university life. Anglia Ruskin University values mature students. The library is outstanding and the library staff are very knowledgeable and willing to help with all sorts of enquiries.

I have loved studying at Anglia Ruskin University! It has given me the confidence, and the qualifications, to aim high in my future career.


BA (Hons) Early Years Professional Practice

I chose to study Early Years Professional Practice at Anglia Ruskin due to the opportunity to undertake practice placements throughout my course. My studies are split 50% in university and 50% in practice. I attend university two days a week and placement two days a week. I am in my second year now and thus my placements have been beneficial by linking theory to practice.

My placements have varied. During my first year I was in a day nursery and in my second year I have been in a mainstream school within a hearing impaired unit. This has given me a variety of opportunities to extend my knowledge and I have grown in confidence when teaching and working with children. I can relate the theory that I am learning to the practice in placement.

With this course I have had the opportunity to work with children that have special educational needs. I have learnt British Sign Language and I asked to be put in to a placement that supports hearing impaired children. This allowed me to develop my skills and knowledge with hearing impaired children, but I also related one of my modules to how hearing impaired children are supported within a mainstream school. I am going back to this school in my final year. The University has supported me with this placement by allowing me to pursue an area I enjoy.

I am a student ambassador for the University. This consists of helping with open days for potential students, primary and secondary school visits and taster days. I enjoy this immensely as it gives me the opportunity to talk to potential students and to give them my view and story of how I came to University. This is a great experience and allows me to answer any questions potential students have such as course content and finance.

I would recommend the Early Years Professional Practice course at Anglia Ruskin University as this course gives you the opportunity to extend your knowledge while improving your professional skills.


BA (Hons) Childhood and Education Studies

I decided to study at Anglia Ruskin University because I thought it would be a good place to study as it is not too far from home. I also liked the facilities [and] I was attracted by the placement abroad. Having an opportunity to study in a different setting will give me a chance to learn new skills and meet new people.

The course has met my expectations as I have learnt and am still learning everything I thought I was going to need. It has helped me deal with the key issues in education and how children learn. It's also a good way to get on to the PGCE primary as I plan to become a primary school teacher. I enjoy the coursework. There was no exams so I was quite happy about that. I was good at sociology and the course also covers most of the sociological concepts.

The facilities come in handy. The sports facilities are very efficient and they have a lot to offer. The library resources are good too. Facilities I have found useful during my studies are the virtual learning environment, E-vision and the library.