What our students say: arts and creative industries


BA (Hons) Drama and Film Studies

I chose to study at Anglia Ruskin University because of the impressive drama and film facilities and equipment, as well as the chance to live in Cambridge. I didn't realise I would also quickly meet inspirational lecturers and friends that I will keep for life.

The mix of practical and theoretical work has completely transformed and enhanced my understanding and appreciation for all art forms, performances and media texts. I loved getting involved in a wide range of extra activities outside of my studies, including student radio, video projects and theatre work. The skills and experience I gained have already allowed me to work as an outside broadcast editor and video producer.


BA (Hons) Popular Music

From the initial audition through to re-locating to Cambridge I felt the staff at ARU were very helpful. I found that my fellow popular music students were open, enthusiastic and great to work with.

From the very start of the course there were open opportunities to participate in many different types of performance, from straight-ahead pop/rock/indie/funk through to jazz, world and classical music. As a group, we embraced all that the course has to offer, including excellent studio and rehearsal resources as well as regular live music events hosted by the University and local Cambridge venues.

Having graduated, I now work as a freelance composer and musician. I am composing and playing with three different musical projects and have recently finished freelance composition work for, among others, the National Theatre.


BA (Hons) Film and Television Production

I found the course to be wonderful, taught by industry professionals. It provided a balance of practical and theoretical work, leaning towards practical, which gave me the skills I needed once I graduated. During the course I discovered the crew role of script supervisor and, using connections made during guest lecturers, was able to secure my first training placement on Holby City.

Since graduating I have worked in my desired industry and role on six feature films, from low budget horror to blockbusters such as Kick-Ass 2, as well as 23 television episodes for the BBC, including Tales from the Old Bailey and Andy's Dinosaur Adventures. I will always be grateful for what I have learned and how the course prepared me for real productions. I would not hesitate to recommend this university.


BA (Hons) Illustration

Dominic, one of our BA (Hons) Illustration graduates, won YCN's Student of the Year. He said: The support I was given by all the teaching staff on the course was second to none. It was instrumental in giving me confidence to pursue a career in the arts. I couldn't rate it high enough.

The extra level of support along with the tutors' inspirational teaching gives the graduates a fantastic start to their careers, and the facilities really have no rival.


BA (Hons) Writing and Film Studies

Signing up for the Writing and Film Studies course has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. My initial motivation was to master the art of screenwriting but I have learnt so much more and made some great friendships and contacts since then. 

With its diverse modules, the course allowed me to tailor to what best suited my ambitions and, in so doing, I gained an understanding of writing in both the film and literary industries. My skills as a writer have improved dramatically and, as a result, so has my confidence. 

With access to its library and media equipment, Anglia Ruskin has catered for every aspect of my academic studies, and staff and tutors have always been there for personal support and advice. Such is the impact the course has had on me, I've already begun paving the way for my future with the completion of a feature-length screenplay and the self-publication of three novels - things I would never have had the courage to do before - and their success, which will allow me to work as a full-time writer, is due largely to the fantastic tutelage received at Anglia Ruskin University.


BA (Hons) Media Studies

I have truly enjoyed most of the modules, and I feel that many of them are highly relevant for what I want to do when I finish my degree. When I have needed assistance the teachers have been very helpful. Overall I am very pleased with my first two years doing media studies at Anglia Ruskin University, and I'm certain that I am going to miss the university and the city after I graduate next year.


BA (Hons) Computer Games Art

I always attended the Game Jams that my tutor organised for us. Game Jams are gaming events where teams are given a brief and compete to make the best game in a short amount of time. Afterwards, industry professionals usually come and check out the results, and Frontier saw my work on display. Next thing I know, I'm opening up an email from Frontier's Director of Production, and being offered an interview for the role of Visual Effects Artist with the company. I couldn't believe my eyes!


BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology

My ambitions are to work as a studio engineer or in post-production, whilst freelancing as a composer for film/TV etc. The course has provided me with the skill set to do this as well as creating strong links with peers, which may benefit me in the future.

I would summarise my experience studying BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology at Anglia Ruskin University as fulfilling, culturally enriching as well as being a great improvement on my skills, hopefully resulting in making me more employable. Tutors were great, modules were stimulating and the support staff very helpful. The overall atmosphere at Anglia Ruskin was brilliant.


BA (Hons) Writing and English Literature

The writing strand of the course has made me think of myself as a writer, rather than just someone who writes. It has allowed me to explore, make mistakes, do work outside the course and most importantly, have fun. 

I've been given reading which I wouldn't necessarily have discovered on my own. It has challenged me to write for genres I didn't think I could, and ones I had no prior knowledge of.

With people like the Royal Literary Fellow, there are opportunities which open up your world outside of the university. Whilst studying you'll find many contacts (not just on your course) who will be helpful in finding jobs and employment. Along with that, the course gets you used to displaying your work, taking feedback and re-writing: a vital skill in any creative post.

And when you find that tutor who understands you, and your approach, then it's magical.


BA (Hons) Film Studies

After two years jobbing it in TV listings, I had built up enough freelance work as a film critic to cut the umbilical cord and go freelance full-time. It was the best decision I've ever made. Now I mostly work contributing to Total Film, which is a dream job - you never know which industry bod you're going to talk to next, whether it's an Oscar-winning costume designer or John Goodman.

I often look back fondly at my time studying film and communications at Anglia Ruskin. It was an eye-opening experience meeting so many people who had the same interests and passions as me. Here were people just as gloriously geeky about things like Tarantino and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My studies at Anglia Ruskin genuinely changed the way I thought about the world - and, perhaps more importantly, film. I'd go back in a second.


BA (Hons) Performing Arts

I was able to explore aspects of performance that I never knew I had an interest in. I also gained a lot from the theoretical side of the course and realised, after writing my dissertation, how much I love to learn.

Throughout university I rapidly developed my singing skills, integrating as much song into the course as I possibly could, and even landing myself some gigs, which helped pay towards my beans on toast. I am now pursuing a career in singing, and further down the line hope to channel my knowledge from the course into becoming a performing arts teacher for children.


BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation

Marc, one of our BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation graduates, was one of the winners in Red Bull's Canimation competition. His animation Raaawrrr!! was picked as the best submission in the Drawn/Student category of the competition. His prize was a two month internship at cutting edge 2D studio 12foot6, the home of Dog Judo and Modern Toss.


BA (Hons) Photography

For three years I had the good fortune to be a photography student at Cambridge School of Art, undertaking a degree course that far exceeded my expectations. I was constantly encouraged to embrace challenges whilst being actively supported, directed and mentored within the community of the Photography Department. 

I learned technical skills, incorporating traditional photography, digital photography and other media such as video, integrated with academic, contextual lectures that enhanced my maturation as a photographer. Other creative disciplines such as printmaking and creative writing provided a holistic approach contributing to my intellectual and artistic development.


BA (Hons) Music

I would recommend Anglia Ruskin for music because of the range of facilities and opportunities offered and mainly because of the support from your lecturers about your ideas, creativity and hard work. 

Being part of the Department of Music and Performing Arts brings together hard work and a social life, which is the most beautiful thing. Being part of different ensembles creates special relationships between players as we all enjoy doing something we love the most: music.

In the final year we had to find a work placement and work there for about 35 hours. That was very useful as it made us think about our future, and helped us to improve our CV and deal with career-orientated questions. However, the most important aspect is that we had a chance to gain experience in the area that we were interested in.


BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Matt, one of our BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduates, contributed to a handheld version of the game LittleBigPlanet, helping to win a BAFTA for his team at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Cambridge. He said: The graphic design course at Anglia Ruskin is complemented by the lecturers' specialist knowledge of typography, which has been a fantastic foundation in my job as a graphic designer with SCE Cambridge Studio (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe).

I work on a varied amount of content and this is quite reflective of the course, with the opportunity to try out different areas of graphic design over the first two years through different modules and then working on specialities in the third year, whilst also preparing you for the professional start in the industry.


BA (Hons) Film Studies and Media Studies

I thoroughly enjoyed implementing my own extra-curricular work experience into my course through the Working in Film module. Moreover I wouldn't have learned about the internship I ended up completing if not for the connections at Anglia Ruskin. I spent three months with the Cambridge Film Festival and gained invaluable experience of the working world during my time there, as well as making fantastic connections to those within the media and film industries.

The University is very keen on making sure their students are as employable as possible post-graduation, regularly offering a great deal of opportunities to the student body to enhance their CV.


BA (Hons) Fine Art

Ramona, who graduated from our BA (Hons) Fine Art course in October 2014, was awarded a £20,000 bursary after claiming the Woon Art Prize, the biggest student art prize in the UK. She also won our 2014 Supanee Gazeley Fine Art Prize for the best work exhibited at our annual Degree Show. She said: I can now fully dedicate my time to working in the studio and not worrying about funding for materials. This is a dream for any artist. It will be a great start to my artistic career. Hopefully I will develop my practice and build a professional portfolio and profile. The overall experience will give me confidence. I want to focus more than ever on my practice, keep developing, and get the most out of this opportunity. I hope to exhibit as much as I can.


BA (Hons) Interior Design

When I finished my interior design degree I began work almost immediately for a residential designer. However, I recently took up an internship offer in Germany I had heard about through the graduate alumni in interior design. The company is a furniture design company, Massivkonzept. I moved to Hamburg to work as an interior design intern. At the end of the internship, I will be moving to Berlin to help set up a new office to work for this company as a permanent full-time employee. It is really exciting - furniture design is a passion of mine.


BA (Hons) Drama

Drama at Anglia Ruskin University changed my life. I'd always had a passion for performance and theatre, but during my three years on the Cambridge campus I truly felt that it was my calling. The course takes you on a journey that explores so many aspects of drama you feel reinvigorated at every turn. It allows students to follow their own paths, to find their passions within this journey and chase them like there's no tomorrow.

The incredible content, the brilliant minds of others on your course and the never-faltering enthusiasm of the lecturers are driving forces, and I would thoroughly recommend it as a life-changing experience that will stay with you forever.


BA (Hons) Fashion Design

We were given every opportunity to apply for work experience placements to develop our CV and prepare us for future employment. I attended a summer placement in Turkey for Aster Textiles - a large design house in Istanbul that works with high street names in the UK.

Upon graduation I commenced a work experience placement with lingerie designer Gilda and Pearl. During this placement I worked at The Lingerie Collective - the leading industry trade show. It was a great opportunity to network with other lingerie designers and I secured an interview with London-based lingerie designer, Ayten Gasson.

My present employment includes a part-time design assistant role at Ayten Gasson. My role includes press and PR, liaising with buyers at major retail outlets including Topshop, plus sales, design, pattern cutting and production of the finished garment. I am now also in the process of setting up my own lingerie label, Matilda Darling.


BA (Hons) English Literature

Studying English Literature at university is both challenging and enjoyable. At Anglia Ruskin we are encouraged to engage with an array of different texts ranging from well-known classics to the more obscure.

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about authors and certain genres that I previously knew very little about. On the other hand, returning to texts that I had studied prior to university has proved to be equally as rewarding because it has allowed me to understand and consider them in a way I had not done before.