'First': News spotlight of the month

New collaboration with Hydrophis Gas for biomimicry research worth £350,000

A new research collaboration between Hydrophis Gas and researchers in our School of Life Sciences will begin in September 2019.

The project, worth £350,000 to our University over 3 years, is funded by Hydrophis Gas – a UK based R & D start-up company carrying out biomimicry research in order to design and commercialise innovative technologies for carbon sequestration.

The research team, consisting of Dr Bas Boots, Dr Dannielle Green, Dr Jacob Dunn, and Prof Chris Parris, will be working with the Hydrophis Gas team to develop new technologies inspired by sea snake respiration. The aim of the project is to design carbon-negative technologies, including radically new gas filters to sequester CO2 from marine environments. This will provide significant advances in the design of technologies for reducing ocean acidification and improving carbon sequestration.

Chris said:

"The project will provide funding for a new Postdoctoral Research Fellow with expertise in cell and molecular biology, who will be based in Life Sciences and working with the team. We also welcome the company's Founder and CEO Dr Glenn Leighton, and Head of Chemistry Dr Mia Baise to ARU as Research Associates of the School of Life Sciences, and they will both be visiting Cambridge regularly.

"From the University's perspective, this project continues the excellent engagement with industry which is taking place in Life Sciences, and provides a strong contribution towards ARU's Research and Innovation Strategy, within the priority area of 'sustainability and the environment'"

For further information contact: jacob.dunn@anglia.ac.uk, dannielle.green@anglia.ac.uk, or gerbrandus.boots@anglia.ac.uk.