Research Integrity

Public Statement on Research Integrity

Anglia Ruskin University undertakes pioneering, innovative research that not only advances academic knowledge and the state of the art, but also challenges assumptions and produces results that can change the world. 

We believe that a vibrant culture of research and scholarship is essential in the underpinning of a stimulating learning environment in which our staff and students can flourish and fulfil their potential, and that within this all research activity must be conducted in an appropriate and responsible manner. To do this requires the highest standards of research integrity which are grounded in the core principles and professionalism of all those involved in research at Anglia Ruskin University. We continue to ensure that these standards are effectively embedded in our research endeavours, and that they are continually evaluated and strengthened.

Our university is a diverse family of disciplines, departments, faculties and institutes and the implementation and maintenance of the highest standards of research integrity is dependent on ensuring that all these individual strands work together coherently and transparently, whilst protecting academic freedom. We are committed to providing a supportive research environment for all staff involved in conducting research, to training our researchers and promoting common principles across our University. All staff and students are fully informed and aware of the high standards we expect them to uphold when conducting research. 

We recognise that mistakes and honest errors may occur within the conduct of research, and such cases will be dealt with sympathetically. However we are committed to ensuring that misconduct is dealt with robustly and effectively, while safeguarding all those involved, wherever appropriate. This extends beyond our staff and students to encompass anyone involved in conducting research with Anglia Ruskin University, whether on or off our premises, in collaboration with our staff and/or students. Everyone is expected to take their responsibilities seriously and be aware that any misconduct, suspected or otherwise, will be subject to a rigorous and robust investigation.

Our Research Committee has established a Research Integrity Working Group, which includes representation from all our faculties, Human Resource Services and from the  Research and Innovation Development Office to oversee our endeavours to establish, embed and evaluate research integrity across our operations. All staff and students are actively encouraged to contact the Research and Innovation Development Office for advice and support.

Research and Innovation Development Office 2 December 2016.

Annual reports

In line with commitment #5 of The Concordat to Support Research Integrity, we prepare an annual statement for our Board of Governors reporting on our activities in support of research integrity, processes in place for dealing with any allegations of misconduct, and outlining any formal investigations undertaken. These statements can be downloaded below.

Annual Statement on Research Integrity 2014

Annual Statement on Research Integrity 2014-2015

Annual Statement on Research Integrity 2015-2016

Annual Statement on Research Integrity 2016-2017

Annual Statement on Research Integrity 2017-2018

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Contacts for research integrity

If you have any queries about research integrity, please contact:

Senior Management contact: Dr Michael Millan, Director of Research and Innovation Development Office:

General queries: Julie Scott, Research Ethics and Integrity Manager, Research and Innovation Development Office:

In addition, Anglia Ruskin is a member of the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO). For more information about UKRIO and the services they provide, Anglia Ruskin students and staff can visit the UK Research Integrity Office website. Please note that UKRIO offers confidential advice on issues relating to research integrity.