Pharmaceutical Research Group

Our Pharmaceutical Research Group (PRG) carries out cutting-edge researches in Nanomedicine, Pharmaceutical Technology, Controlled Release and Drug Development.

Our research is carried out mainly in our Multi-Functional SuperLab Complex, including a well-equipped pharmaceutical research lab.

In addition to pharmaceutical technology research, our research focuses on developing innovative drug delivery approaches to reverse Multidrug Resistance (MDR). For example, cancer cells become more resistant and aggressive after repetitive exposure to chemotherapeutics. This has become one of the major hurdles to successful chemotherapy.

The resistant cancer cells are commonly cross-resistant to a wide range of anticancer drugs. Development of a new drug is a very lengthy and expensive process. Therefore, there is an increasing interest in repurposing known drugs into new uses in cancer therapy. Similar multidrug resistance can be also developed by bacteria, leading to challenging infectious diseases.

For more information, contact Dr Mohammad Najlah at or +44 (0)1245 684682.


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