Pharmaceutical Research Group

Our Pharmaceutical Research Group (PRG) carries out cutting-edge researches in Nanomedicine, Pharmaceutical Technology, Controlled Release and Drug Development.
Our research is based on our Multi-Functional SuperLab Complex including a Pharmaceutical Research Lab.

List of equipment

Our projects

  • Repurposing of Disulfiram and its metabolites for cancer therapy: Disulfiram (DS), an anti-alcoholism drug used in clinics over for 60 years, has shown high cytotoxicity in a wide range of cancer types while sparing the healthy cells. However, the clinical use of DS as an anti-cancer drug is limited by the very short half-life in the bloodstream limiting its systematic administration. In addition, the clinical use of DS is limited by their very poor solubility in water. In this project, we aim to:
    a) design, characterise and biologically evaluate specific delivery systems of DS alone and in combination with anticancer drugs
    b) enhance the water solubility of DS using several pharmaceutical techniques, specifically polymer complexations and particle engineering.
  • Engineering novel nanomaterials, polymeric prodrugs/conjugates and polymeric nano-particulates for drug delivery applications such as enhancing water solubility or/and overcoming the P-glycoprotein drug efflux transporter.
  • Utilizing novel pharmaceutical techniques for the understanding and prediction of in-vitro drug-drug and drug-food interactions
  • Synthesis of small molecules with anticipated biological activity, particularly with anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects

Key members of staff

Dr Mohammad Najlah
Dr Basel Arafat
Dr Ibrahim Tolaymat
Dr Francesca Panin
Dr Nicky Milner

PhD students

Ibrahim Dumbuya
Bárbara Machado

Recent Publications

Najlah, M.*, Freeman, S., Khoder, M., Attwood, D., D’Emanuele, A. 2017. In vitro evaluation of the third generation PAMAM dendrimer conjugates. Molecules, 22(10), 1661. doi: 10.3390/molecules22101661

Khoder, M.*, Abdelkader, H., ElShaer, A., Karam, A., Najlah, M., Alany, R.G. 2017. The use of albumin solid dispersion for enhanced un-ionisable drugs solubility. Pharm. Dev. Tech.

Najlah, M., Ahmed, Z., Iqbal, M., Wang, Z., Tawari, P., Wang, W., McConville, C.*, 2017. Development and characterisation of disulfiram-loaded PLGA nanoparticles for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 112, pp.224-233.


Contact us

Dr Mohammad Najlah
Phone +44 (0) 1245 68 4682