Participatory Research

The Participatory Research Group (PRG) at Anglia Ruskin University aims to build partnerships with community members and practitioners who have direct experiences of the topic under study and facilitate their involvement in research in order to strengthen the value and impact of our work. The PRG:

  1. Brings together staff and students from across the university who are actively involved in undertaking, supporting and promoting participatory and inclusive methodologies.
  2. Consolidates and builds Anglia Ruskin University’s reputation as a leader in the application of participatory research approaches to service and community development.

The group is based in the Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care (HEMS). Members collaborate on research projects and consultancy, share expertise and resources, and host discussion and debating events throughout the academic year.

In Chelmsford, a Participatory Inquiry Forum (PIF) is held four times each year with speakers including staff, practitioners, service users and doctoral students who make short presentations focused on methodology, methods of engagement and reflections on ethical and political issues raised. This is followed by interactive discussions and the opportunity to explore the topic and issues further. In the summer, the PIF is used for networking and planning for the future. 

Please see our blog for details of current and recent forums: ARU Participatory Research Blog

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