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Emergency Medicine (EM) is recognised worldwide as a medical speciality that provides a variety of urgent treatment and care interventions to patients. Having established various colleges and fellowships, research projects, and education frameworks, EM has expanded practice in settings in-and out-of-hospital.

Anglia Ruskin University delivers a wide curriculum and programs that educates healthcare professionals to provide high quality emergency care (i.e. Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, and Physician Associates). Committed clinicians and educators at ARU have come together to establish an EM network to contribute to the professions and community. This group seeks to guide research and education activities as well as being a point of contact for individuals and organisations with similar interests. We appreciate the global diversity of EM and hope to network, discuss, and debate a broad range of topics in this field.


The best Emergency Medicine through research and education.


  • To promote global inter-professional Emergency Medicine research and education
  • To contribute and facilitate inter-professional collaboration and networking
  • To establish and conduct research activities within the university and partner organisations
  • To develop an active scholarly culture by the consolidation and dissemination of projects

Key Members of Staff

Dr Enrico Dippenaar
Dr Stephen Hughes
Dr Louise Reynolds
Adam Kenningham-Brown
Dr Eshtar Hamid
Manuel Sevillano-Barbero


  • The use of simulation as a teaching modality for paramedic education
  • The management of patients with suspected spinal fracture in the out-of-hospital emergency care setting
  • Blue Light Emergency Services Wellbeing feasibility study on the relationship between subjective (psychological & mental) and physiological (HR variance & Cortisol) factors of staff wellbeing in the Police, Fire, and Ambulance services
  • Road Safety Post-Crash Response study for the assessment of emergency service provision of an upgraded section of key road infrastructure in Rwanda

Undergraduate Interns

  • Bethany Wheeler: Blue Light Emergency Services Wellbeing project
  • Rebecca Raphael: Clinical decision making tool for hyperventilation project
  • Marc Perez-Escamilla: Out-of-hospital emergency care podcast series

Doctoral Candidates

Adam Kenningham-Brown: Development of a clinical decision making tool for patients presenting to ambulance crew with hyperventilation

Contact us

Dr Enrico Dippenaar
Phone: +44 (0) 1245 684642
Email: emrg@anglia.ac.uk
Twitter: @ARU_EMRG