Our strategy at the Global Sustainability Institute

Dr Aled Jones

Sustainability is all about risk management. Tackling global challenges requires an integrated view of the world and an understanding of risk, leadership, resources, technology and societal response.

There is an increasing and urgent need to develop and deliver practical solutions to global sustainability challenges. While international politics attempt to put a sustainability framework in place, regions, organisations, cities and individuals are taking a lead in the response.

The Global Sustainability Institute (GSI) is a high-profile research institute in Anglia Ruskin, and has grown rapidly since its formation in early 2011. We are a dynamic group of researchers involved in an extremely wide variety of research projects, collaborating with numerous external partners as well as other departments across the university.

Over the next few years the GSI will build on this success to develop our Global Resource Observatory project and a suite of activities relating to behaviour change. We are particularly interested in how people perceive their usage of energy, food and water and what tools and technologies are effective in encouraging behaviour change.

Our strategic focus will be to expand our engagement across Anglia Ruskin University to work with more departments and academics in all faculties on issues as diverse as business risk, health and wellbeing, behavioural psychology, conservation, education, technology and policy.

We hope to contribute to, and support the expanding capacity and expertise our University has in research and play our part in understanding and developing responses to the global and local challenges we face as a society. We aim to build on this research capability to equip our students with sustainability literacy right across our University through our Education for Sustainability activities.

We look forward to working with you.

Dr Aled Jones
Director, Global Sustainability Institute