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Silver Economy Accelerating Strategies To Grow

SEAS2Grow is a European project (partly funded under the EU INTERREG 2 Seas Mers Zeeen Programme) that aims to boost the development of innovative products and services in the Silver Economy.

The Silver Economy is a growing market referring to the demand for age-related goods and service due to demographic change and the project aims to improve the quality of life for senior citizens in the 2 Seas Area (France, England, Belgium, Netherlands). SEAS2Grow will build a common strategy at a cross-border level, implying all stakeholders of the Silver Economy market (companies, health providers, local authorities, end-users) and will offer companies the opportunity to test their innovative products through a cross-border accelerator covering the entire innovation chain.

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The concept

SEAS2Grow will create the framework conditions to accelerate the delivery of innovative products and services for the Silver Economy market, at the same time as improving economic and social welfare in the 2 Seas Programme area.

One element in the framework is the creation of a cross-border accelerator for Silver Economy products and processes (WP2). Equally important for the sustainability of the framework beyond the end of the project is working with a cross-border Silver Economy Strategic Committee of local authorities to produce a Silver Economy Strategic Action Plan (WP1); and developing novel financial models for funding the accelerator and funding Silver Economy housing developments (WP3).

Schematic overview of work packages

Please download our flow diagram.

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The ARU team

Professor Ruth McNally (EIB, LAIBS): ARU overall lead and leads Work Package 1 for the project as a whole
Professor Patricia Schofield (FHSCE): Co-Investigator with responsibility for the Silver Economy Accelerator in our region (WP 2)
Dr Pamela Knight-Davidson (FHSCE): Research Assistant working as co-Investigator with responsibility for the Silver Economy Accelerator in our region (WP 2).
Dr David Arkell (IIMP, LAIBS): Co-Investigator with responsibility for establishing the Silver Economy Strategic Committee
Dr Rachael Docking (FHSCE): Research Fellow working primarily on WP2
David Rutt (ARU Research, Innovation and Development Office): Expert adviser on Silver Economy companies
Dr Nektarios Tzempelikos (MET, LAIBS): Expert adviser on quantitative data analysis and marketing research
Krisztian Papp (LAIBS Research and Enterprise Team): ARU coordinator for the project


Duration: 48 months from September 2016.
Overall budget: 3,277, 470 Euros.
ARU budget: 456,500 Euros.


Clubster Sante FR (lead partner) – regional health sector business network
Eurasante FR – regional development agency for healthcare sector
La Vie Active FR – NGO working with local authorities; focus on dependent seniors
Allia UK – social enterprise; pioneer in social finance bonds
LiCaLab BE – living lab for independent living and care
Smart Homes NL – smart home technology, concepts and e-health
City of Alkmaar NL - municipality
M Comme Mutuelle FR (observer partner) – health insurance
Ville de Lille FR (observer partner)
GCGP LEP UK (observer partner)
Essex CC UK (observer partner)
Province of Antwerp BE (observer partner)

Further information

For further information, please visit our project website or contact

This project has received funding from the Interreg 2 Seas programme 2014-2020 co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under subsidy contract No 2S02-022.