Research centres

Our research centres carry out world-leading and internationally excellent research across a diverse range of business areas.

Together with our active projects, our research is conducted around our research centres which encompass the very best of our academic expertise.

Innovation, Management and Practices (IMPact)

The Innovation and Management Practices (IMPact) research group is dedicated to research, development and consultancy that contributes to social and economic transformation.

Supporting the use of technology and new social, management and business practices, IMPact develops theoretical insights that can be translated into impactful engagement with stakeholders. This includes the UK Police, The Swedish Government, the Finnish Government, the UK Armed Forces and UK local government.

The IMPact group is also the research and development arm of the ‘Triangular Alliance’ (Allia, GCGP LEP and the Business School).

Visit our IMPact page or contact Professor Chris Ivory for more information.

Centre for Access to Justice and Inclusion (CAJI)

The Centre for Access to Justice and Inclusion (CAJI) engages in research, dialogue and policy initiatives to promote the important values of access to justice and inclusion.

It brings together researchers from across three research clusters – Law and Society, Digital Economy and Arbitration Law, and Criminal Justice – to address current issues and challenges in this field.

Visit our CAJI page or contact for more information.

Centre for Intelligent Supply Chains

The Centre for Intelligent Supply Chains brings industry and academia together to enable organisations to improve strategic decision-making through data-driven competitiveness, growth and efficiency.

It benefits organisations through contract research, consultancy projects, and advanced training and development services.

Visit the Centre for Intelligent Supply Chains page for more information.

Centre for Pluralist Economics (CPE)

The Centre of Pluralist Economics (CPE) conducts interdisciplinary policy-oriented research by combining expertise in economics, political science, business and humanities.

A particular feature of the CPE is its orientation toward a pluralistic approach which increases an understanding of political, social-legal, ethical and trust issues in formulating economic policy.

Visit our CPE page or contact Dr Nick Drydakis for more information.