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8 June 2021

As we all know, things around us have been looking a little different lately. From masks or visors being mandatory to 2m markers being everywhere you look… Read more…

2 March 2021

There's nothing more valuable than getting a feel for a particular university when you’re thinking about studying there. I can’t pretend that this is particularly easy with the way the world looks at the moment but I can tell you that, at ARU at least, it’s not a hard as it first might seem! Read more…

22 October 2020

Right from my first year, the staff members that I’ve met have been supportive and friendly. They have been a huge part of making my experience an enjoyable one at ARU. As a joint honours student, I’ve had the benefit of meeting different circles of staff from Drama and English Literature. Read more…

12 October 2020

I won’t lie, starting third year was a scary prospect for me. It’s the final year of your degree, meaning afterwards you have to make an actual decision about what you want to do with your life. Not only that, but there's the small matter of COVID-19 to consider. Read more…

12 June 2020

Cambridge is a large, beautiful city well known for its learning and academia. There is also a whole lot more that the city can offer, if you know what to look for! The city has a lot of rich historical, social, and cultural aspects that can be fun and interesting to take part in… Read more…

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