TeachMeet – Active Learning

26 January 2018, 12:00 - 14:30
Cambridge campus

This year's TeachMeet focuses on active learning and will be held in Cambridge and Chelmsford. It will include the keynote Active Learning Pedagogies to Generate Learning Gain and Confidence Gain in the Classroom by Dr Fabio Aricò, University of East Anglia and short presentations (2 or 7 minutes in length) about active learning practices.

Call for contributions

If you would like to present at the TeachMeet, please submit your presentation proposal, focusing on one or more aspects of active learning, e.g.:

  • innovative teaching methods
  • engaging students in collaborative learning
  • improving retention and progression
  • supporting differential learning outcomes
  • improving attendance and participation 
  • enhancing student experience and satisfaction
  • the relationship with learning environments.

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Dr Fabio Aricò of University of East Anglia will give the keynote Active Learning Pedagogies to Generate Learning Gain and Confidence Gain in the Classroom

Fabio will outline the principles of an active learning pedagogical approach that combines peer-instruction and self-assessment. The first part of the keynote will demonstrate how these powerful pedagogies can be easily embedded in the formative assessment strategy of large class environments with the aid of learning technologies. The second part will explore how the data emerging from active learning sessions can be employed to evaluate the learning generated in the classroom, as well as students’ sense of confidence in their academic abilities. The final discussion will cover how to adjust this approach for different pedagogical settings.


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Event Details

26 January 2018, 12:00 - 14:30
Cambridge campus

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