Mending the gaps (Cambridge)

Bring your lunch (drinks and afters will be provided) and join Dr Linda Brown, Dr Julian Priddle and peers to engage in this opportunity to consider the key messages arising from the attainment gap data and Course Design Intensives.

Diversification of the curriculum offers students a wider approach to their learning, incorporating opportunities to explore key themes from diverse perspectives. It can be approached in various ways, including through an examination of reading lists, academic sources, class resources, language and biases.

ARU is promoting an active and inclusive curriculum to enhance students’ learning and to reduce or remove disparities in outcomes for specific groups of students. Like nearly all UK universities, ARU has ‘disadvantage gaps’ in access, retention, attainment and progression.  Evidence suggests that a curriculum that is not exclusively ‘white and Western’ improves the experience of students and allows them to realise their potential.  It also prepares all of our students for a globalised and cosmopolitan society.

ARU’s Inclusive Curriculum Framework formed a core element of the Curriculum Design Intensive process.  It comprises of six principles and includes diversification of the curriculum.  We will explore what this means in different subject contexts, and how students can benefit from it.