Curriculum design - from B to A

Join Chris Owen, Honorary Visiting Senior Fellow in CIHE and former Head of Cambridge School of Art, and Beatriz Acevedo, AHSS, for this Talking about Teaching seminar focused on curriculum design.

What do our students need to have learned by the time they graduate, in order to succeed in their careers, and life in general? What is more important, specialist knowledge or life skills?  For the past forty years, educationalists have stressed the importance of integrating general life skills into the taught curriculum. From Common Skills to Core Skills, Key Skills, Graduate Skills, and Soft Skills, the terminology may have varied, but the aim has remained much the same. Can the teaching of these important life skills be identified and enhanced in the curriculum of a specific discipline course?

In this interactive workshop, we will investigate the relationship between subject-specific and generic graduate skills, and whether the two can be effectively taught together. To do this, we will experiment by approaching the task in reverse. What happens if, instead of tracking graduate skills within our existing programmes, we plan a course by starting from the skills needed for a successful life, and work backwards towards the specialist discipline?

Lunch will be served at 1pm with the seminar starting at 1.30pm.

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