Make ARU your EXTRA choice

Anglia Ruskin student reading a book in the library

If you’re not holding any offers and have used up all your UCAS choices, then EXTRA could be for you.

Applying through EXTRA gives you the opportunity to gain a place at university before your results are available, and without waiting until Clearing.

How does EXTRA work?

If you’ve used your five regular UCAS choices and are not holding any offers because you have withdrawn from them, declined them or have not yet received an offer, you are eligible to apply through UCAS EXTRA.

Making us your EXTRA choice

From 25 February, log in to UCAS Track, and if you are eligible the option to apply through EXTRA will become available to you. You’ll then be able to search for a course on the UCAS search tool and add your choice on UCAS Track. You can only apply for one course at a time but if you wish to withdraw your choice or are unsuccessful you can then choose another.

Your chosen university has 21 days to make a decision and get back to you. When you receive an offer, you can firmly accept or decline it, and you have until 20 July to do this, after which time the offer will be automatically withdrawn and you will be entered into Clearing.

If you need any help or guidance or would like to find out about any of our courses, please call us on 01245 686868 or take a look at our course pages. You can also read about UCAS EXTRA on the UCAS website.