Chelmsford timetable

Badminton tournament group

Our Campus Sport programme is currently suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions. We hope to be able to offer these activities again in the near future.

You will need to book your Campus Sport session in advance of the start time

+ Instructions on how to book online

+ Instructions on how to book using The Old Factory app

+ Stay safe in our sessions

You can View and download the timetable in a pdf - subject to change.

Day Session Time of session Venue
Monday  Basketball 20.30-21.50 Mildmay Sports Centre
Tuesday  Jogging Group 17.15-18.15 Meet at Mildmay Sports Centre
Tuesday  Hockey 17.30-19.00 Meet at Mildmay Sports Centre at 17.15
Tuesday  Badminton 20.30-21.50 Mildmay Sports Centre
Wednesday  Table Tennis 17.30-18.20 Mildmay Sports Centre
Thursday  Volleyball 17.00-17.50 Mildmay Sports Centre
Thursday  Women's Basketball & Netball  18.00-18.50 Mildmay Sports Centre
Friday  Badminton 17.00-18.20 Mildmay Sports Centre


If you would like more information please email