University Eye Clinic

Optometry students

We're one of the few universities in the UK to have our own eye clinic, meaning our optometry and ophthalmic dispensing students gain essential clinical experience and provide optical care to the local community. We also offer our equipment and facilities for hire to businesses.

Our Cambridge clinic boasts 16 fully-equipped optometric consulting rooms including specialist facilities in contact lenses, low vision and visual stress.

We also work with local schools and societies to help promote good ocular health.

Our students are fully supervised by qualified optometrists who are a mixture of full-time lecturers and visiting clinicians from local practices.

Our services

Eye examinations

We'll carry out a thorough examination of your eyes, which will include assessing your vision, ocular health, muscle balance, intraocular pressure and visual field analysis. 

Contact lenses

We can fit almost all types of contact lenses including soft daily, two weekly, monthly and yearly replacement lenses. We can supply both standard material lenses as well as the more breathable silicon hydrogel lenses, for most of which we are able to give free trials.

We also fit standard gas permeable and hybrid lenses. Certain types of lenses are available in both single vision and multifocal prescriptions.

If you want to change or enhance the colour of your eyes, we can fit you with coloured lenses.


We stock over 350 frames ranging in price from £20 to £130, including standard single vision to varifocals, thinner and lighter lenses and photochromatic lenses that adapt to lighting conditions.

Anglia Vision colour investigations

We offer a detailed colour vision assessment for referred patients and for interested private individuals. A full-colour vision assessment is carefully carried out under controlled lighting by experienced vision scientists and/or optometrists giving you a more complete understanding of your colour perception difficulties.

Book an appointment

Appointments can be made Monday–Friday by visiting the clinic or by telephoning 01223 698070. Private and NHS patients are equally welcome.

Our address is University Eye Clinic, Bradmore Street, Cambridge CB1 1BD.

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Hire our equipment and facilities

We hire out our Eye Clinic's facilities and equipment on a commercial basis. For more information, email Clinic Manager Neil Guest at

Full list of equipment and facilities available to hire