Dr Imranali Panjwani


Faculty:Faculty of Business and Law

School:Economics, Finance and Law

Location: Chelmsford

Areas of Expertise: Commercial law , Human rights , Jurisprudence , Islamic Law

Research Supervision:Yes

Dr. Imranali Panjwani has lived, studied and worked in the UK, Middle East and Sydney as an academic, lawyer, chaplain and community worker. His work combines his diverse legal, cultural and religious experiences with an emphasis on the aspirational, metaphysical and moral nature of the law.

Diverse Legal Consulting 


Dr. Imranali Panjwani is the Head and Founder of Diverse Legal Consulting, a consultancy that specialises in country expert reports on Middle East & North Africa (MENA) for asylum seekers, Islam & Muslim Diaspora, Islamic Law & Finance and Human Rights. He is also an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Notre Dame Australia, was a Visiting Scholar at Western Sydney University and the Religious Director of Imam Hasan Centre, Sydney. He has worked as a legal adviser for several law firms and companies in Immigration & Civil Rights, Commercial Litigation and Family Law.

Apart from commercial and company law, Imranali’s work cuts across jurisprudence, philosophy, logic, metaphysics, human rights and legal education. By re-examining the subject of the law, he focuses on the reformation of both Islamic and Western jurisprudence to solve contemporary legal problems. The aim is to achieve a practical framework of dignity that upholds the rights of minorities which can be realised through fair and accessible legal procedure. This means re-evaluating our notions of case law and evidence with a view to understand other cultures and legal systems better. Hopefully out of this process a concerned, reflective legal agent is produced, not just a rule-based legal agent.

In his spare time, he engages in interfaith dialogue in Muslim and faith communities worldwide and likes running, playing squash and doing charity work. He enjoys spending time with family and when possible, escapes into the world of fantasy football and all other idiosyncratic creative outlets.

Spoken Languages

English, Arabic, Persian and Gujarati

Research interests

  • The evolving nature of agency in commercial law
  • The ethical boundaries of companies
  • The nature of human dignity in human rights discourse
  • The relevance of case law for minority communities
  • The role of logic in learning the law
  • Comparative Islamic and Western jurisprudence
  • Contemporary issues in Islamic law

Areas of research supervision

  • Commercial and Company Law
  • International Human Rights
  • Comparative Islamic and Western Jurisprudence
  • Islamic law
  • The role of logic in legal education
  • The role of metaphysics in law


  • Post-Doctoral Research & Persian Language Studies: The Research Institute of Al-Mustafa International University (Jami'at al-Mustafa), Mashhad, Iran (Title: 'The nature of case law in English and Islamic law)
  • PhD in Theology & Religious Studies, King’s College London

    (Title: ‘The role of the self in the Islamic-Western human rights discourse’)

  • PGDip in Academic Practice (Teaching Certificate), King’s College London
  • PGDip in the Legal Practice Course (LPC), University of Law, Birmingham
  • Seminary Training in Islamic Studies & Arabic, Al-Mahdi Institute, Birmingham
  • LLB in Law, University of Sheffield

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Member of the Electronic Immigration Network (EIN) Expert’s Directory
  • Member of the Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery Expert’s (HTMSE) Directory
  • Associate Fellow, Higher Education Academy
  • Book Reviewer, Religion

Selected recent publications

Panjwani, I., ‘Evidence-gathering procedures in United Kingdom immigration law: A critique of Home Office decision-making, use of country guidance information and country expert reports in asylum cases’ in Katarzyna, G., The Muslim Refugee Crisis (SGH Warsaw School of Economics, 2019) – forthcoming


Panjwani, I., ‘From Theory to Practice: English Case Law as an Additional and Evidentiary Holistic Tool for the Derivation and Operation of Law in Shi‘i Usul al-Fiqh’ in Bhojani, A, Bohlander, M & De Rooij, L., Contemporary Discussions in Shi‘i Legal Theory (Leiden: Brill, 2019) – forthcoming


Bahrain’ in The SAGEInternational Encyclopaedia of Mass Media and Society (forthcoming, 2019)


Panjwani, I., ‘Challenges in Teaching Islamic Studies at Universities: The Problem of Streamlining Islam for Undergraduates’, in Hwang, A & Pugliese, M., Teaching Interreligious Encounters - American Academy of Religion’s Teaching Religious Studies Series (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017): 117-135.


Panjwani, I., ‘Book Review: Shari'a in the Modern Era: Muslim Minorities Jurisprudence by Iyad Zahalka’, American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, vol. 34 (1), Winter 2017: 114-118.


Panjwani, I., ‘Soul’, in Kalin, I., Ayduz, S & Dagli, C (eds)., The Oxford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, Science and Technology in Islam (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014), 267 – 273. 


Panjwani, I., 'Book Review: Bibliographical Discourse Analysis – 4 Volume Set:The Western Academic Perspective on Islam, Muslims and Islamic Countries(1949 – 2009) by Saied Reza Ameli’, Journal of Shi'a Islamic Studies, vol. VI, no.4, Autumn 2013: 500-505.


Panjwani, I., 'Bahrain's Oppressed: Lone Voices in International Law', Arches Quarterly, vol.6 (10) 2012: 134 - 144. 


Panjwani, I (ed)., 'The Shi'a of Samarra: The Heritage and Politics of a Community in Iraq(London: I.B Tauris, 2012).


Recent presentations and conferences

'The Creation of Minority Case Law: A Possible Solution for the Recognition of Muslim Refugee Rights in European Countries’ (Muslim minorities and the refugee crisis in Europe. Narratives and policy responses. SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland. Organised by Erasmus+: Programme of the European Union, 8–9 November 18)

'Broadening the Role of Imams: Imam as Key Brokers between Muslim & Non-Muslim Communities’ (Brokerage in Diverse Europe Workshop. Organised by The Open University/Göttingen University, Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Council for European Studies held in London, 12-13 Jan 18)

'Case Law as a Solution for Reclaiming Minority Rights & Identities’ (Islamic Human Rights Commission & Universal Justice Network Conference, Penang, Malaysia, 25-26 October 16)

'Constructing a Framework for Human Dignity in Islam: The Thought of Zayn al-Abidin’ (Exploring the Meaning & Application of Human Dignity in Islam, Imam Hasan Centre, Sydney, 16-17 July 16)

'From Theory to Practice: The Relevance of English Case Law in Shi'i Jurisprudence’ (Symposium on Shi'a Jurisprudence, Al-Mahdi Institute & Durham University, Durham University, 16 – 18 Aug 15)

'A Lacuna in Shi'i Legal Theory: The Role of the Subject in the Derivation of Law’ (Research Institute of Al-Mustafa International University, Mashhad, 7 Jun 15)


Alumni prospectus profile, King's College London

Grant Award for PhD Tuition Fees, King's College Theological Trust

Grants for Teaching & Research in Islamic Studies, The Higher Education Academy

Joint A-Level Philosophy Prize, King Edward VI Grammar School

Media experience

Imranali has appeared in local and international news. Some of his recent press coverage is here: