Centre for Access to Justice and Inclusion

The Centre for Access to Justice and Inclusion (CAJI) engages in research, dialogue and policy initiatives to promote the important values of access to justice and inclusion. It brings together researchers from across three research clusters – Law and Society, Digital Economy and Arbitration Law, and Criminal Justice – to address current issues and challenges in this field.

These research clusters align closely with ARU's priority research areas of: (a) social inclusion and marginalised communities; and (b) crime and policing. Our researchers have engaged in a range of projects promoting the important values of access to justice and inclusion, including in the areas of human rights and vulnerable communities, family law, Sharia law and the regulation of sports.

Our researchers have also examined strategies for bridging the digital divide, and the regulation of online behavioural advertising on Facebook and other social networking sites, as well as the global challenges of international counter-terrorism and, in particular, the prosecution of members of Islamic State for international crimes against the Yazidis.

Many of the research projects undertaken by our researchers have strongly interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological design. Both Kariyawasam's work in copyright reform in China and Zammit Borda's work with the Yazidi community has informed the school's REF2021 impact case studies in these areas.

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